Google Me

Katie over at Loves of Life did a post yesterday talking about analytics and what brings people to her site, so I decided to pull mine up and see what ya'll are googling to get here...

"hellomisschelsea paint" (apparently you all like my paint choices... you can my swatch list for the cottage here)
"hellomisschelsea craigslist" (I have found some bargains!)
"chocovine kroger" (No explanation needed. Chocolate + wine. If you haven't tried it - go)
"handbag bingo" (Can't wait to play again next year!)
"mixers for rangtang" (love my job)
"butt to butt" (awkward - definitely from this post about the yellow chair though)
"Chopped my hair" (yes, yes I did)
"doubledare costume" (probably my favorite costume I've ever worn)
"lane chair marshalls" (snooping on my pretty recliner?)
"redvelvetelvis@gmail.com" (personal fav... no idea why it sent them to my blog though)
"absolut raspberri mixers" (I'm sensing a trend)
"adam and chelsea broke up" (I wasn't aware we were dating... I hope he's not heartbroken)
"baby scarf chelsea" (sounds like a toy)
"chelsea loves milk" (also awkward)
"chocovine mixers" (I don't need AA- honest! It's my job!)
"godzirra baseball" (hahah I love it)
"hello miss chelsea sectional" (aw ya'll love my couch too!)
"miss chelsea hair products" (I think I need a full post on this soon... I have a wide variety!)
"sherwin williams universal khaki"(aka my living room color)
"to buy a pair of santas footprints" (wait...wha?)

Then I went over to see where you all are clickin over from and was really surprised!
Most of you are in the US, and I've got the usual Canadian and UK'ers... the rest of the top 10 shocked me though!
4. Germany
5. Brazil
6. Australia
7. Netherlands
8. Czech Republic (my heritage!)
9. India
10. New Zealand

I want to hear from all you worldly folks! I am intrigued!

Have you looked at your Analytics lately? It gave me a pretty good laugh!
Remember, Chelsea loves milk -



Molly said...

This is hilarious! I'll have to do the same!

Thanks for the recipes in your previous post also, whoop! Gonna have to try them :)

Sole Matters said...

thats hilarious!! i dont understand HOW to get those..help?

Just Add Walter said...

how do I do it? -- I wanna see mine!! those are hilarious

Cindy said...

Fun post!! I will def have to check mine out. Have a great weekend. xo

Mateya said...

I love this! I tried finding mine but I couldn't figure it out...go figure!

And p.s. your Czech?! hahahahha!

Annie said...

I am totally going to have to do this! So funny....