Mixer & Mingle Friday : Sweet Tart Shot

I haven't shared any drink recipes lately, my poor Mixer & Mingle Fridays section is lacking!!
No worries - I've got the perfect little weekend mix to share today!

My cousin and his wife made this for their New Years Eve party and it was SO GOOD! A little dangerous though, considering it tastes like candy, ha!

Sweet Tart Shots
You need 4 things:
-An unopened 2 liter of orange soda (any brand, go for the cheap stuff!)
-A packet of Grape KoolAid mix
-A packet of Black Cherry KoolAid mix
-vodka (~2 cups, we choose Stoli)

1) Pour the orange soda out to roughly the top of the label.
2) Add the two packets of KoolAid to the orange soda
3) Add 2 cups of vodka to the KoolAid/soda mixture
4) Mix! (Be careful if you shake it since it is a carbonated beverage...)
5) Enjoy. Seriously easy, and seriously good!

The best part, it comes in it's own container! ;) Or if you want to be SLIGHTLY classier, you can put it in a cute drink dispenser or a carafe.

(The photo is the one my cousin sent me before we went to tailgate for a Colts game! I told yah, it's an easily transportable concoction!)


Aubrey S. said...

That sounds like trouble waiting to happen.

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

oooooh buddy! This sounds good!

Amber said...

Umm...that sounds delicious - deadly - but delicious!! Thanks for sharing!

Just Add Walter said...

DEFINITELY going to try this one! thanks for the recipe

Tatiana said...

I don't drink, but if I did, this would sound quite good :-)

Holly said...

That DOES sound amazing. I don't drink...and yet I still want some! :P

Kerr said...

this sounds dangerous!

Lasca said...

SO! There are anywhere between 15 to 25 of us that all get together on Sundays for Sunday Funday (SF)! Every SF is held at one person or another's house-with-a-pool and every SF, we have EXTREMELY intense volleyball tournaments. If one team scores, the other team has to take a shot. The shots are squirted into each team member's mouth by the ref using a 2 liter bottle of the shot "concoction." (We put a hole in the bottle cap for easy squirts/pours) ANYWAYS! This past Sunday, I made this and it was a huge hit! I now have to make two bottles every Sunday for our Sunday Fundays for the rest of the Summer!!!