Catastrophic Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
I saw sunshine for 3 days straight this weekend! Granted, it was far from WARM and sunny... but it was sunny, and at this point I'll take whatever little glimpse of spring Mama Nature decides to dish out.

1) Chris and I had a nice little dinner date Friday night that we ended with some ice skating... me, being the professional, never fell. Chris, trying to show off, fell once. The dinner - meh. The date - smiles.

2) I had vowed to not let Russell on the couch. He's such a cuddler though, that that resolution lasted nearly 6 hours. 2a) Yes he does go by Russell now. The artist formerly known as Oro. He is actually listening when you say his name now instead of ignoring you and continuing to run rampant through out the house. Although when he's feeling frisky he responds only to Russello d'Oro (and you MUST roll the R)

2b) Russell got a haircut last week. Apparently the lady felt that he was a poodle/SCHNAUZER mix because he has a straight schnauzer haircut. I'm not really a fan. (Side note: we are pretty sure he is, however, indeed a schnauzer mix. When I vacuum and he goes NUTS barking... you can very clearly hear the schnauzy influence of his bark)

3) I popped into Goodwill on Saturday while I was running some errands. This is what I saw.
You already know what I'm going to say next.
I walked out with a dresser. Not literally walked out... fitting a dresser into my car - now THAT's a funny thought.
It has taken up residence in my craft room (that was empty up until this weekend). $24.99... how could I say no?! Solid wood too - that sucker is heavy. Missing a few pieces of hardware, but I've got ideas.

3a) Added bonus: mom and I discovered, while unloading it, that one drawer was still full of clothes (slightly odd, slightly humorous). And then, stuck back behind another drawer, I found a really old picture of two little boys on a swing that is HILARIOUS. I think I will frame it.

4) The weathermen are calling for a "CATASTROPHIC ICE STORM" tomorrow. Won't that mean we will all die? Catastrophic... huh... nice knowing ya'll.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that perhaps we'll get a strong wind and all that snow will come a little further south... I'd much rather have 12" of snow than 4" of ice. I do like the hot pink coloring though. It's like a little glimmer of fun before the CATASTROPHIC event.

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Marian said...

I wish the Goodwill around us carried gems like that dresser!! And seriously, the pink on the map gives is life!! Wish it didn't represent ice though

Aly @ Analyze This said...

OMH! Love that dresser!! I bought my first item on Craigslist yesterday - saw it - emailed the seller - looked at it - negotiated - got it! I'm hooked :)

I'd rather drive in 12 inches of snow than all the ice we are getting! Work has already sent out an email this morning! Thank goodness I can work from home!

The Mrs. said...

I LOVE the dresser!!!

I hope y'all don't get the ice storm that's expected! :S

Molly said...

LOVE the dresser, you totally inspired me to go to good will to check for some apothecary jars for the fireplace project!

We are currently getting ice, and then tomorrow we're supposed to get 12 in of snow! LOVELY! I'm just worried about Macie getting home from school on the bus today in the ice. I really don't like my daughter to be in the hands of some bus driver in the ice, eek!

Michelle (michabella) said...

You find the best stuff!!! How awesome!!! Glad you and Chris had a lilt date night :) AND come to FL!!! That sounds really scary. I can't believe all the snow the North is getting! Rediculous! Stay warm! <3

Jamie Pickle said...

I just love your doggie, he is so adorable!! I wasn't going to let my pup on the couches either, but I LOVE cuddling with him while watching tv (especially when the hubs is gone). Great find at Goodwill. You have such a great eye. If you lived closer, I would ask you to come help me decorate our new house :)

Aubrey S. said...

More snow? I may have to send you a hat and gloves to match your scarf. Russell looks like a sweetie.

Holmes said...

OMG - i haven't been ice skating in ages. I don't know if i could get the hubby to do it with me though! Happy to hear that you and the boy are having "fun" again! And...i love the new dresser. I can't wait till we move into a house and I have a reason to start buying furniture again!

Leah said...

Sounds like a great weekend, so glad you guys had a great date night on Friday! Love that dresser, what a find! Hope the storm isn't too bad tomorrow!

Kelsey Claire said...

You HAD to buy that dresser~