Finding my footing

I was born into a close knit family.

Both sets of grandparents were within 20 minutes of our house. I have 6 sets of aunts & uncles within roughly a 30 minute drive of my house (3/4 of those are closer to 15 minutes!). Atleast 10 cousins that are within the same city limits. And I see them often. A good chunk of us all tailgate together before Colts games... we get together for dinners and birthdays... major holidays are spent sprawled across couches at one of our houses.

I have parents who are still married, I have a brother and a wonderful sister-in-law and the most amazing niece I could have ever asked for. The people who show up with a tupperware container of dinner and snow shovel just because they knew I could use a hand.

There's more four-legged furbabies within my immediate family than I can count on one hand. That's a lot of tail-wagging and face-licking guaranteed to brighten any spirits!

I've been graced with a bundle of friends who are just a phone call away... friends who helped me make my house a home with their bare hands. Friends who walk in the back door just like it's their own place.

I have email addresses and screen names of wonderful ladies I've met through blogging that pop up with words of encouragement, congratulations, and questions of how I've been.

I have 'second moms' and 'second dads'... family friends that have been around for ages, that treat me just like their own kid.

And I have someone to stand by my side that will, and has, done anything and everything in his power to make sure I'm happy and comfortable.

So what if get confused and I stumble sometimes. We all do. I'm fortunate enough that I have plenty of hands to reach out and steady me when I start to teeter.

I'm doing a lot of new things right now, and I'm still getting my footwork right. Just imagine Bambi in the 'learning to walk' scene.

So what if I breakdown in tears when I drop a coffee pot and shatter it, or feel lost because I have to wonder around the grocery for an extra 30 minutes because I don't exactly know where the hummus and ziploc baggies are.

I'm not perfect, and my life isn't either. But it's perfect for me. And I'm getting there. I might do things backwards, in the wrong order or just the difficult way. But that's how it works. And I can sit back smiling knowing all the people that I get to share these big steps and these little stumbles with.

And I am SERIOUSLY a lucky gal!


Molly said...

Beautifully written girl! Anyone who knows/loves you will certainly appreciate this post!

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

All I can say is "wow!" That was a beautiful post, and it made me realize how many special people I have in my life as well. Mine are not as close as yours (distance-wise), but close to me nonetheless.

I wish you well in all your upcoming endeavors. I've enjoyed reading your posts and being one of your followers. Everything will be fine :)

Marcy XOXO said...

Wow that was an awesome post girlie!!! So proud of you ;) I like to use the saying that "I am too blessed to be stressed!" Happy Wednesday !!!!

Mateya said...

This is such a wonderful post! We all get that way where we just feel lost and sometimes just not ourselves. It is so encouraging to remember how many wonderful people we have in our lives!

You really are one lucky girl :)

Mrs. Mama said...

what a great post! i agreed with everything you said!

Caroline said...

Such a beautiful post!! And I know all of these people know how much you love them. :)

Brittany said...

I loved reading this :) How awesome that you have such a big family that lives so close to one another! You are a lucky girl :)

Just Add Walter said...

wonderful post -- you are a lucky girl and I'm glad you don't take any of it for granted!!

Anonymous said...

So well said! :)

Courtney said...

You and I sound SO much alike! What a wonderful post!

Aubrey S. said...

It is good to reflect on our blessings every now and again. You are a very lucky gal.