Mixer & Mingle Fridays : Red Stag

It's Friday already! Wow, does anyone else agree with me when I say that this week has FLOWN by!?
Today I'm featuring one of my most favorite beverages, good ol' whiskey! 
Dr. Stag
1 oz Red Stag
Dr. Pepper

Simply mix the two in a glass with ice and enjoy - if you like it strong, add more Red Stag. I love simple recipes that taste good and don't require you to purchase an entire cart worth of liquor just to make one cocktail!

Red Stag is a black cherry infused bourbon produced by Jim Beam. Don't let the fact that this is whiskey scare you away, it's a very sweet drink and tastes like cherry Dr. Pepper!

I also want to try something new with Mixer & Mingle Fridays, because I don't feel like there's much mingling goin on ;) Since I have a lot of new followers the past few months I'd love to get to know you guys! So each week I'm going to ask a question or pose a topic and hope that you decide to play along and respond in the comments...

This week I'm wondering what is your signature fashion piece? Do you ALWAYS wear red shoes? Are dangly earrings your go-to get-up? Mine is a watch. I almost ALWAYS have a watch on! And honestly, I don't even use it for telling time, but usually just as a fashion accessory.


Krystal said...

I always have big hoops on -- usually a wild color or something different. Today I have leopard printed hoops. :)

And, let's just say that Red Stag is *so* delicious that it caused my boy to black out on my birthday ;)

Mateya said...

Mine would be pearl earrings :)

Wendybob said...

my fashion mainstay is turquoise (the stone, not necessarily the color) and big earrings...I always have something turquoise on even if it's just a little ring.

And Red Stag is my current boozey obsession. It's awesome in Coke, too. :) Cheers!

Annie said...

wiskey scares me...I dont think that I like it!!

I dont have ONE THING that I always wear...but I wear scarfs a lot...and carry BIG bags!! And wear BIG shades....ha, that's it :)

Domesticated-Bliss said...

that drink sounds good but i've never been a big whisky drinker! maybe i'll try it :)

my signature item are my princess cut diamond earrings. my husband bought them for me right before we got married and unless i'm accessorizing a specific outfit i wear them nearly every day :)

Brittany said...

I got scared as soon as I saw the word Whiskey lol but then I read on and saw that it tastes like Dr. Pepper so I may have to venture out and try it :-)

My signature piece is the same as Domesticated Bliss - My diamond earrings. I ALWAYS wear them and they're simple but classy :-)

Meg said...

I am with Brittany and Domesticated-Bliss, my diamond earrings are definitely my signature item.

My signature drink is a Whiskey sour- so thanks for sharing the new cocktail idea. It sounds amazing. :)