Denim, denim & Tiffany's

Sounds like any girls favorite things right?! Haha. Believe it or not, I am actually not made of money nor do I have a never ending closet. Therefore every few months I go on a sorting rampage and end up with a large pile of clothing to either list on eBay or take to a resale store.

Said sorting rampage happened about a month ago, and with the upcoming vacation and a few other money things hanging overhead, I have spent the past few Sunday's listing my little heart out on eBay.
I'm not posting this for pity, but because I actually have quite a few steals listed and thought I'd let my invisible friends in on the action if they so find themselves interested!

I have quite a few pairs of designer jeans (True Religion, Rock & Republic, Big Star) and awesome pair of vintage Frye boots that are too small for me (sad face!) and this pretty lil blue box above (a gift from an ex-boyfriend, I can't stand to wear it anymore, I hope someone else can find joy in it without the bitter memories attached!!)

You can check out everything I'm selling here if you'd like!

PS If you like Vera Bradley, my mom has listed quite a few never-used or gently-used Vera pieces too! (Use the link above,we sell on the same eBay username!)


Krystal said...

Where is your mom's Vera posts?!

Domesticated-Bliss said...

I go through my stuff pretty frequently too but mostly I just take it to Goodwill. Maybe I should start putting the effort into resale to make a little moolah :)

good luck with your sale items!