Bad Bloggers Anonymous

I think this weekend I joined BBA. Although, technically I guess it wouldn't be anonymous would it.

I know... yikes! I didn't even log onto my reader at all after like 2pm Friday. We spent the weekend enjoying the beautiful weather, having fun in the madness that is downtown Indianapolis on Final Four weekend, catching a free James Otto concert, cooking-out with friends, getting caught up in the hype of our hometown team making it to the big dance (Go Bulldogs!) and relaxing on Easter with a wonderful family!
 There also may or may not have been some vacation planning going on late Sunday night ;) More to come on that later though!

And now I have a goal to conquer those 128 posts today....wish me luck!


Wiz said...

I was a bad blogger too this weekend. It was such a beautiful weekend, I could not stand to be indoors!

Mateya said...


Kelly Marie said...

Agreed, I didn't blog at all really this weekend! It was way too gorgeous out to spend the day inside!! Glad to hear you were doing some vacation planning (:

Katie said...

that's okay - i'm a non-weekend blogger too, sometimes you need a break!!!

have fun vacay planning!!!

Simply Me said...

new follower :)