Mixer & Mingle Fridays : Cruzan Rum

I'm back for another edition of Mixer & Mingle Fridays! I've decided that I won't be featuring an outfit every time, but I will definitely have a new cocktail every week!

I've been in a beachy mood all week, so this week's recipe features Cruzan Estate Light Rum, and is a perfect beachy drink to take us into these warm Spring weekends!

Caribbean Cherry Cola
1 oz Cruzan Light Rum
1/2oz Amaretto
Coca Cola
Fill a glass with ice. Add the Cruzan Rum and Amaretto, top with cola and garnish with a cherry.
Sweet and simple huh?!

Cruzan Rum is one of my favorites, I prefer the taste of Cruzan over Bacardi and other light rums but that's just my personal opinion! If you want to learn more about Cruzan or find some other yummy recipes you can visit their site directly at cruzanrum.com  (PS Their flavored rums are AMAZINGLY good!)


Suzi of the Stars said...

Yum! Going to have one of those this weekend!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Yum!! I have a drink that you NEED to try! Heck, we should try it sometime!! I'll email you....you'll need to head to Kahn's and get it!

Annie said...

sounds good! have a great weekend :)

Alison said...

oh my, this sounds amazing. i should have read this on friday night, not sunday night!

oh! and thanks for saying hello on my blog!