Vegas Bound: Round 3

The last time I trekked out to Vegas it was compliments of a long lost friend's generosity. And very last minute (although not QUITE as spontaneous as that one California trip...)

(My hair was not even to my shoulders. That's how long ago it was that I was in Vegas.2011)

Back to the story at hand... quick recap. Best friend lives in Vegas. Haven't seen best friend since like August, if you discount the one dinner we grabbed in May when she was in town for her sisters graduation.

I'm flying out tomorrow to spend a quick weekend with her. It's bound to be the shortest 3 days in existence, but at least it will get us in the same state even if for a brief stint. We seem to pull in some sort of supernatural luck when we hit the roulette tables together - here's to hoping mama brings home the bacon!

I foresee a whole lotta gossiping, gambling, pool time and streetside cocktails. Viva Las Vegas, Viva Las Best Friends


Mateya said...

Awesome!!! Have fun!

Jen said...

Have fun! I'm headed to Vegas next Tuesday so visit my family for 2 weeks. :) Love my hometown haha.

Stephanie Meredith said...

Hope you guys have the best time!

Brooke said...

Sounds like a super fun time! Have fun!

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