It's in my blood.

Look.... I'm not saying I was born cool, but I was definitely bred to have a good time.

One of the things I most vividly remember from my childhood was my parents ALWAYS having people over. Like every weekend. You can play any given rock song from the 80s and I'll be transported back. It's like clockwork, every time Steve Miller Band comes on the radio I suddenly feel like I'm 6 years old again, running around our living room hands smashing my ears because the speakers are turned up so loud, every window in the house open and a deck full of people.

The truth is, not much has changed. My parents and their friends are always causing some sort of trouble, nowadays I just join in.

(my dad ruins every photo like it's his job)
 A few Fridays ago, as I'm shuttin down shop at the house of booze I get a text from my mama informing me of a pool party/cookout at some family friends of ours. So I head home, throw on my swimsuit and prep for a good time.

Like most of their gatherings the flippy cup table graced us with it's presence and things got a little heated. Have no fear, I still hold my reining title.



Jen said...

Haha I love it! :)

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Best family ever! That's awesome!

Mateya said...

Love it! Robbie's parents are like this. Every weekend, never fails :)