Our Aussie trip is sneaking up at some sort of supersonic hyper-speed that I'm not really sure I'm OK with (Where did summer go? Is it really July already?! How will I ever survive a 14-hour flight!??!)

Much to my delight a good majority of my June was filled with new compadres from the Southern Hemisphere.

You see, racers apparently don't solely exist in the states. Shocker, I know. And sometimes, SOMETIMES, racers come stay with other racers. Whoa. So imagine our excitement when one Friday night we meet up with some friends at a bar and all the sudden some outback accents pops out of the tall kid on the opposite side of the table. Mind. Blown. 

I'm pretty sure my exact quote was "Michelle... did you hear that??"

Needless to say, a whole lotta bbq cookout Fireball-fest shenanigans went down last month. When they finally boarded their plane to go back to the motherland our livers sighed in relief.

I've learned more than I ever wanted to know about down-under slang, the deadly creatures of the outback, how Alice Springs Chicken is a joke, how expensive everything is in Aussieland, and most importantly, how much those damn natives love to drink.

See you on the flipside in a few months, fellas.

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Jen said...

You are going to have a blast!