Goggles: the sequel

2013 turned me blind. Actually 2012 turned me blind, I was just too stubborn to accept it, and put off getting glasses until the wee months of '13.

Surprisingly, most of the time when someone sees a photo of me dawning glasses they tell me how much they love em! The original glasses I had were fine, minus the fact I had dropped them a few times and scratched them all up (wait? I was supposed to be responsible and take care of them?) so you can probably imagine my geeky excitement when someone from Firmoo reached out asking if I'd be interested in reviewing a pair of their goggles.

See, the cool thing about Firmoo is that they offer you your first pair free. Which means if you're any bit as indecisive as me, and desperately want options, you can add a pair of glasses to your collection for zero bones. On top of that they give away a free pair every day, with the Lucky Draw feature! (It's like the gift that keeps on giving!)

Since I can't ever settle on just one I actually ended up ordering the same glasses in tortoise and black. Girls gotta have options, never know what will match which outfit! They arrived in about a week, with cases and cleaning clothes and haven't left my face since then.

Where have my glasses gone?

Well, they keep me company every day in the office...

they've conquered downtown Indianapolis...

they even ventured to the hospital with me when my lung popped....

Heck, that's more than I can say about my ex-boyfriend! Needless to say, these glasses are my new best compadre, I make sure to never leave home without them!

I used the virtual try-on system to pick mine out, and then jumped the gun and ordered. Have no fear though, if you end up not absolutely loving yours though, they do have a great return policy! If you've been on the prowl for some new frames to grace your face I would definitely recommend Firmoo!

(I was offered glasses to review from Firmoo, however all opinions are my own! I wouldn't steer ya'll wrong)


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