Wiggle wiggle wiggle

Was the person who originally spelled Wednesday drunk?

Holy hell, a whole week without any posts from me? Who knew I could shut up that long.

I got a lecture from my mom Monday night after our weekly family dinner, in which she confessed she was, quite frankly, ticked that she had to ASK what I had been up to lately, instead of just reading it on my blog.

Well... Uh. I've been on approximately 47 dates since Christmas. I'm not sure what happened that made me cool, but apparently I have some sort of gravitational pull on menfolk this month and well, that's fun.

Work is SO busy. I'm drowning in tequila. No really. I'm ready for Cinco de Mayo to be over.

I am addicted to cheesy pop this month. I go through phases, last month was country, most months are ghetto rap. This month - Dream, 98 Degrees, Carly Call Me Maybe (what's her real name anyways?) Biebs. I've got a whole Spotify playlist, aptly titled "That Just Happened"

Speaking of Biebs, my grandpa was dancing to Boyfriend on my parents front porch Sunday afternoon.

And then my dad was car dancing to LMFAO on Monday night.

My family is a bit loco.

Also, it's Wednesday - that means Girls Night Out. I think we need to hit up the country bar again.



Ashley @ The Sweet Life said...

I totally forgot about Dream! I'm going to listen to them right now. And no, I feel no shame for writing that. Ha!

Carolyn said...

Yay for date nights! :) And cheesy pop music. LOVE IT. HAHA :)

Michelle (michabella) said...

YES! Where HAVE you been!?!?!?! Um, I have been on a teen pop kick lately too. No lie... I am in love with Biebs new song. OMG. I think the video came out last night... {insert teen girl screams} but seriously. 47 dates? Dang. You couldn't get one of them to take out your trash?!?! C'mon Chels.

Sandra said...

I'm with your mom! Oh, 47 dates. You're excused! Fun fun! I so ready for Cinco de Mayo. Last year was so epic, there is no way it could be that much fun this year:( But I will still contribute to the beer and margarita drinking madness!

Erica said...

47 dates?! :)

Caroline said...

Wish you had video of them dancing. Too funny.

Kelly said...

Ahhh. SO YESTERDAY. I'm toootally listening to your playlist right now ;-) Fun. Dates?! Whoohoo!! Have you seen that tshirt, "I'm busy. Read my blog" Hahaha, my parents and sister tease me about that one. Hope you don't drown in that alcohol, friend!

Mateya said...

You are just a serial dater lately huh? Any good ones I should know about? :)

Love that your grandpa was dancing to Biebs and that pic of him in the windbreaker was just too much haha!

Kelsey Claire said...

I love that your mom complained that she had to ask you about your day! That is so hilarious! Great post!

Amanda said...

47? That's a shiz ton of dates! I've been enjoying Call Me Maybe. Instant mood lifter. Is this day over yet?

Marian said...

Dates?! Gosh, I have been gone far too long! I need to catch up!!