Mixer & Mingle Friday: the health conscious alcoholic

Ever since Loopy launched I have been all.about.it.

And not just because I'm in the industry. But because it's SERIOUSLY that good.

I already dedicated a whole post to it here, but I don't think you all listened to me.

Go try it - NOW.

It's been a week from hell here at work, as soon as I got home last night I needed a drink. I had some soy milk in the fridge, I had some Loopy on the bar. I set some candles, left them alone in the room, and let the magic happen.

The outcome? Amazing. UHmazing. Even better that Loopy & milk, or Loopy & half&half.

It took everything in me not to drink it for breakfast this morning. Added bonus: just think of all the bone-building calcium you're consuming!? 



Michelle (michabella) said...

you wrote this post for me didn't you?! i can't wait to booze it up in hawaii! i've been holding back.

PCM said...

i love you. however, after a few too many cocktails during our recent bar crawl, i do not love loopy.

Kelsey Claire said...

I am embarassed that I have not heard of or had Loopy. Guess who is going to the liquor story today? Yes, me!

Kendra said...

Oh my wow, this sounds amazing!

PoppyHarleyLove said...

I would never have thought to pair these two wonderful ingredients together, but curiosity has got the best of me so I MUST try it now!!

Angie said...

I love loopy. People at my fun job have been mixing it with Rum Chata for shots.
1/2 loopy + 1/2 rum chata = Amazing!

Marian said...

Nom Nom Nom...a new drink for brunch

Katie said...

Whoa! What does Loopy taste like?! this is intriguing I've never tried it!