So What Wednesday

It's my favorite blog day of the week!
So What Wednesday
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So what if I had Raspberry Chocovine and Cheerios for dinner last night. I'm trying to use up my milk before vacation!  And it was quite tasty, actually.

So what if I prefer gas station coffee over the 'bucks. 3/4 French Vanilla Cappuccino, 1/4 coffee. Stir and go for $1.77

So what if I would like to make The Band Perry die young just so I don't have to hear that song anymore. Eek, maybe a little harsh?

So what if I was super proud of myself for the Pinterest Success I've acheived lately! 

Crayon Art - CHECK

 Tshirt Braided Headband - CHECK  

So what if I sent HJ a funny little card in the mail and it's taking everything in me not to ruin the surprise by continuously asking "did you get anything in the mail today??"

So what if I started a pinboard titled "Daydream it" with wedding-ish stuff I like. ONE DAY people, ONE DAY I may just get married, and it never hurts to store those cute ideas somewhere, eh??

So what if some dude from Jersey Shore was in town yesterday and everyone was all OHEMGEE over it and I could care less. Reality TV just isn't my thing... don't throw rotten tomatoes puhlease

So what if it makes me mean, but if a storm is rolling in (and believe me, I watched it roll in from my house - about 20 minutes away from the fairgrounds) and even commented on twitter about how dark and windy it was getting outside) you can bet your ass that I'm not going to continue kicking it at an outdoor concert, by huge metal pieces. Yes, it was sad and tragic that it happened but at some point you need to use common sense and trust your intuition people

So what if I'm super excited for Colts season to start -- first home game is Friday! 

 (Hah look at that blue hair!) 

So what if I have probably 8 or 9 Colts jerseys. I've been going to the games for like 10 years! And havent really grown much HAH!

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Anonymous said...

go colts!
i'll be there!! :)

Michelle (michabella) said...

So what if I hate people who take pictures of themselves with the phone clearly in the picture....

kidding ;)

I have always loved the Colts. Idk why. I have never been to Indy. I've just always loved Peyton Manning. Is he even on the team anymore?? I am more of a College Football gal. I like that last pic of you...fake smile and all.

And you did two crayon canvases??? I LOVE!!!! I have some empty canvases in my room. Not sure what to do with them yet. They are teasing me.

I hate Jersey Shore.

And have you seen my wedding Pinterest board?? Um yeah.. I am not even dating someone so...you are alright to have one.

Oh and I am so pissed. My starbucks drink is now 4 freaking dollars. Screw that shit. I can get 4 caramel iced coffee's at that price.

Meh. Okay I am done. Luh ya.

Domesticated-Bliss said...

I hate Jersey Shore too! And almost every other reality tv show!

Jennifer said...

I want to hug you for the reality tv comment. I am with you on that. I cannot stand that show even more so.

Also, it's ok to pin wedding ideas. It's better to think about what you would like eventually anyway.

Annie said...

love the t-shirt headband!! cute!

Amanda said...

So what if it's Wednesday and your post was awesome.

So what if I really don't enjoy Jersey Shore.
So what if I think some reality TV makes you more stupid by watching it; like Jersey Shore.

So what that I think your DIYs turned out great!

Happy hump day!

tara said...

you could go ahead and send me one of those colts jerseys! wooooot. GO COLTS!

Marian said...

Um, no lie, I like my coffee the exact.same.way!!

Nicole said...

new follower!
Love that crayon art.
fellow graphic designer??

Ana said...

I, too, am sad that The Band Perry hasn't died young to save my ears. The song was good when it first came out....in January. It's been 8 months. Release another single and promote that. Jeez.

My Life as A Plate said...

Love the crayon arT!! It came out create, so unique and a fun idea