So What Wednesday

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So What Wednesday

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So what if I took HJ to dinner & to see Transformers last night, and he repeatedly asked “so what do you want? I know there is a catch somewhere!!”. Dang can’t a girl just be nice!?

So what if after only being 2 previews deep HJ began to realize why I was agreeing to go see all the ‘man flicks’ they were showing previews for… hello brad pitt, hola daniel craig, holla hugh jackman

So what if we got back to my house to find Russell had chewed up a mix cd that Jenn had sent me, and added a few lovely teeth holes to my laptop bag which resulted in me becoming a crying mess. Frustration and I haven’t been getting along lately

So what if I made my twitter private… sometimes you don’t want the entire world seeing every random thought that goes through your mind

So what if I randomly apply for jobs even when I’m not “looking”. They say you only regret the chances you don’t take… who knows if some random fun job I stumble across may be where I’m supposed to go next!?

So what if I really want a new swimsuit or two before Jamaica… even if I literally have atleast 20 already.

So what if I love vacationing in late summer/early fall because all the summer clothes are on super sale by then!

So what if I bought 4 big things of flowers a week ago and they are all already clinging to the last little bit of life because it’s been so dang hot. And I may or may not forget to water them EVERY day TWICE a day.

So what if had banned myself from Pinterest for like 3 days because it was seriously getting ridiculous the amount of work I WASN'T getting done

So what if I am incapable of going up or down stairs normal. I always skip steps (take them 2 at a time), I run down stairs, and skip up them. Hey, it makes life fun... and apparently others around me get a kick out of it!

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Anonymous said...

oh girl my flowers are looks pretty weak right now too!
i couldn't keep up with the watering bc it was so hot!

Michelle (michabella) said...

So what if I have to limit myself to an hour a day on Pinterest...Like a parent does to a child who plays too much video games.

Your poor flowers. They stood no chance.

Buying summer clothes that go on sale for fall clothes here in FL is the best ever bc...our Fall doesnt start for a long time after summer, lol.

So what if I got mad at you thinking you unfollowed me. Thankfully, this wasn't the case. OR ELSE!


Krystal said...

I actually wrote that job thing in my ITS OK Thursday post for tomorrow -- LOL! It is always good to keep looking! Good luck. :)

Domesticated-Bliss said...

I always keep my eye out for new work opportunities, it's the only way to keep yourself in the game :)

Anonymous said...

Pinterest is so completely addicting!!

Jenna said...

I am constantly looking at new job postings too even though I'm not really looking to change positions. I just like to keep an eye out incase something better comes along :)

Becca Christensen said...

I haven't been handling frustration well myself, lately. I'm glad it's so what Wednesday (even if I don't blog it). : ]

Chelsea said...

hahah i love your so what wednesday soooooo cute! You're always going somewhere fun!! I need your job.

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

I didn't know you had twitter. What's your username?

I'm sorry to hear Russell chewed on some of your things. :( I always leave Lucy in her crate when we go somewhere because I know she'd chew things up!!

Marian said...

A girl can never have enough bathing suits...right