So What Wednesday

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So What Wednesday

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So what if I'm really sad I can't be in Vegas helping my best friend ring in her 24th birthday (hah we were just babies in that photo -- '07!)

So what if the new boytoy has the funniest nickname, compliments of miss Jenn, he is now referred to by nearly all my friends & family as SirHJ or just HJ. Hold me closer tiny dancer

So what if Scott & I drove 2 hrs, to Cincinnati, yesterday after work to pick up a new toy for him.

So what if I almost ended up in tears on the way home because I was driving his stick shift truck back to Indy and killed it like 5x in a row at a stop sign and everyone behind me was angry and honking. In my defense, it was only like my 4th time ever driving a manual. Aside from that I did just fine!

 So what if the box of Junior Mints I found hidden in my cabinet this morning as I was making coffee made up for my near-tear experience. He's a sneaky little one =)

So what if I found a half-melted bag of M&M's in my purse yesterday that looked like this... and I ate them anyways, because I wanted chocolate THAT bad

So what if some dude in a big truck spit out his window yesterday on my drive home from work & it went all over my car and I'm still ticked over it. Jerk. Who does that?! Nasty.

So what if the giant purple sunglasses are becoming increasingly popular at my house... everyone loves wearing them! (example: Scott's friend, Kenny, who was serenading us at this point)

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Kristen said...

Yay to candy surprises (even ones that are melted together in your purse - haha).

Brandi @ Home Team Dreams said...

I'm not that good in a manual either. I was taught back in college but didn't really retain much of it. My husband drives a manual. He's taken me out to an empty parking lot to "teach me" but refuses to let me leave the parking lot. How am I ever going to learn if I can't leave the freakin' lot ?! I think it's his way of ensuring that I can't drive his car. He's car fanatic and would LOVE to have that Corvette above! lol

Kelly said...

Aww, you and Jenn look so CUTE :-D And I LOVE the huge purple sunglasses. And the junior mint surprise? Adorable. Have a great day!!

Michelle (michabella) said...

Bout time.

I love your life. That HJ...he's a keeper. HAPPY BDAY TO YOUR BFF. If it wasn't so hot I would mail you some chocolate...but then it would be melted...then being pointless. Psh. I want those purple sunglasses! LOL. Love. I also love how he is serenading you while holding some Grey Goose.

Caroline said...

Knowing you, you'll hop on a plane to Vegas in a millisecond!

Mateya said...

Ha! I love Caroline's comment...so true!

I would have been freaking out driving that stick shift...NO.WAY!

Why is Scott called HJ now?

Marian said...

Yummmm...chocolate!! No lie, I did the same exact thing the other night! I left this massive box from the movies in my car and on Saturday...on my way home from the gym nonetheless...I got into them. Looked funky but tasted better than ever:)

And those glasses are a hit! Makes everyone look super attractive;) Loves it

Amanda said...

So what that this post was awesome!

So what that I do not know how to drive stick...

So what that I'm so happy it's Wednesday! YAY!

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

Awww that was SOOO nice of him to leave ya a little sweet treat :D

I think I've done worse as far as being desperate for chocolate. I'll eat straight up melted chocolate that's been in my car during this blazin' Texas heat. I don't care if it's messy. It's finger lickin' good :D