American Saturday Night

Things I learned this weekend
-Hauling a golfcart on a trailer in an sDime makes for lots of giggling
-Mix CD’s titled “I NEED A BACKSEAT MIX” also make for a lot of giggles, and gang signs being thrown up
-Everyone gets a little bit twangier when you take em out in the country.
-Showing up with jello shots and fresh baked cookies make you an instant hit at any party
-Fireworks are always louder in the country.
-Sometimes golf carts die mysteriously in the middle of the woods leaving you with a half mile trek, in the pitch black, through the mud back to the cabin. With a storm rolling in. It’s not so bad when your deathgripping the hand of a cute boy though.
-Boys like to sing country songs when they’ve been drinking. Some boys are particularly fond of Billy Currington’s Let me Down Easy. “There’s a little moonlight….”
-I do not like to eat Bambi.
-Sitting on the porch in rocking chairs watching on a storm roll in might be the epitome of heaven on earth.
-Queen-size bunk beds might be the best invention EVER .
-Stopping at the country diner for greasy breakfast on the way back home is always a great idea.


Aubrey S. said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend =)

Lindsey said...

i think i want to go on one of these trips with you - sounds like an ideal weekend!

Ashley said...

Sounds like a weekend back home! Isn't it wonderful?!?!

I don't like to eat Bambi either...ewww.

Krystal said...

where the heck can I find queen sized bunk beds?! LOL

Annie said...

Sounds like an eventful weekend :)

Chelsea said...

helloooooo miss chelsea! another miss chelsea here :) what an ammmazing name right? anyways, this chelsea is happy she found your bloggie!

Melissa Jo said...

Sounds like my kinda Saturday night, especially down here in Bama!

Marian said...

wait...queen-sized bunk beds exist?!? I needs to get my hands on some of those!

Jax said...

"I do not like to eat Bambi" haha.. Me either.