I have an 
inherent need to wander. You may have gathered that from my About Me.

I'm a self-professed beach lover. It wasn't until recently I've started to acquire an itch to maybe venture to a few places that aren't drenched in sand and sun.

My parents got me hooked on that silver tin can in the sky at an early age, with frequent family trips to Florida, and my first international trip graced the books in '97, when I was just 10 years old. (funny thing is, Dominican Republic truly doesn't seem to have changed much since then) 

Here are the places I've traveled to thus far, with linked posts where applicable:



  • USVI: St. Thomas
  • Turks & Caicos: Grand Turk
  • Puerto Rico: San Juan
  • Bahamas: Nassau
  • Aruba: Oranjestad 

  • Ireland: Dublin, Cork
  • England: April 2015
  • France: April 2015

And some other favorite travel posts of mine:

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    Jen said...

    I need to be on a beach right now haha.