Mixer & Mingle Fridays: Gimme some lovin', Honey

I swear my parents used to slip me whiskey for more than just teething. I mean, they won't admit to it and rightfully so... I'm sure CPS has some sort of after-the-fact rule where they can still throw you in jail and take your offspring away at the age of 26 but, between you and I... I had to have been raised on it. 

Sometimes you just need somethin a little bit sweeter though, and that's where Honey whiskey whisked me off my feet (see what I did there?) 

When that amber liquid gets all chummy with some lemonade.... hubba hubba. I've seen a plethora of other recipes involving honey whiskey but let's be real, on most occasions when I'm mixing I like to keep it simple!

Try it, you'll like it. Promise. 

(The fine print: drink responsibly, don't be dumb, not a sponsored post, my own opinion, brand names/imagery/etc is property of it's respective owner, and so on and so forth) 

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Ashley @ ladyacray.blogspot.com said...

Looooove me some honey whiskey! It's my #1 summer drink :-)