C and J Down Under: Sydney

Sydney, Sydney.

I know what you're thinking.

P.Sherman 42 Wallaby Way. And don't act like you don't recite that in your head every time someone mentions Sydney. We all do. 

Sydney was city 1 of 4. Sydney's job was to flirt feverishly and make us fall in love with Oz. And that it did.

Hook, line and sinker. 

We landed Saturday morning and immediately began dreading customs before even stepping out of row 59 on our A380 jumbo jet. When you watch 3 other jumbo jets pull up to gates as you're sitting there, you start calculating the hundreds of people being corralled through customs with you.

Well, guess what. It's Australia. So everything is friendly, even customs. No lines, no grumpy TSA workers, just a room full of nifty computers that scanned your passport and sent you on your way.

And because we are the queens of spontaneity, we set off to find the lovely woman who would soon become our Aussie mama. (Long story short, a friend of Jenns had originally offered to host us while we were in town... she ended up being in Africa while we were in Australia, so her parents graciously took us two American immigrants in. Australia. Super nice. Who does that?!)

A few middle-aged blondes later, we finally stumbled upon her with huge hugs and kisses on the cheek we exchanged introductions and headed out into the sunny, Sydney Saturday.

Before even dropping our luggage off at their home, they took us out to have a coffee, and picked up a quiche to serve for lunch later. Coffee and quiche. God I miss them. They just aren't the same in the States

After finally showering up and fighting off jet-lag-induced naps, while watching the rain clouds roll in we decided to chance it, and go explore the city.


First impressions of Sydney: City markets are awesome, pubs are awesome, colorful Australian money is awesome, the way the fellas actually have style is awesome, the opera house is... well, dirty, to be honest. It needs a good pressure washing maybe. And the accent. Oh my lord, just TALK to me. I don't even care what you are saying. I melt. 

One of our favorite quirks about Sydney was that a popular road was called George Street, with lots of shopping and eateries located on it. And when you add in an Australia accent, everyone is telling you George Strait. Which sent us into a fit of giggles time and time again. (And left a lot of Aussies standing there confused as to why we're laughing at their directions) 

Over the span of three days in Sydney we did a lot of exploring, some public transit-conquering, a little bit of pub-hopping, some shopping, and a whole lotta coffee drinking. Those Aussies love to stop and "have a coffee"!



Kristin said...

BAH! Looks amazing! I am OBSESSED with Aussie accents. The HOTTEST for sure!

Sandra said...

I like that type of coffee culture. When I was in Germany it was the same thing. Stop for espresso and cake before hopping on the train. Stop again after hopping off. Stop several other times a day. I was worried about weight gain (not really) but with all the walking and use of public transportation, I actually lost a few lbs! Oh and I know a Texan who lives in OZ and married a local. He's been there for yearrrrrs and picked up that accent. It works well for him!

Amanda aka Manda said...

Your trip looks so amazing!!!