january: currently

ignoring phone calls. I answer for three people: my mom, my dad, and my doctor. Anyone else... decline. I hate nothing more than talking on the phone.

listening to a playlist titled "Tan Lines and Tailgates"... ironic if you consider the 4" of snow and negative temperatures outside.

planning on going the entire month of January without shopping* (necessities not included, don't worry I'm not giving up toilet paper for the new year) 

scouring the internet for the perfect flight path to get from Indy to Thailand, with a fun stop or two in between

pretending I already finished posting about Australia on the blog. I just got bored of writing about it. Which sucks because it was the most amazing trip, I'm just struggling to put it into words

drinking the last of a green monster I made this morning. I missed how much more energy I had when I drank these regularly

smiling about the ampersand order I just received. I love doodling these little guys

anticipating tax season. Is that weird? I just love the perks (ahem refunds) of owning a home

struggling with this work week. The holidays have made my job VERY slow.



Melanie Smith said...

I hate talking on thew phone too. Just text me!!!

Holly said...

I'm not a big fan of talking on the phone, and sometimes I don't even like texts. Sometimes you just need some true down time to just be with yourself.

So as soon as Shawn and I buy a new house and I am ready to decorate, I plan to put in my own order for your cute ampersands!

I like tax season too! I love finding out what we're getting back, and having some extra cash flow! we will need it this year when we buy a new place!

Jess said...

Im keeping my fingers crossed that I get a refund this year. Then I'll be on a plane somewhere!

Carolyn said...

OMG! Every January I get so excited to do my taxes. I'm sure that'll change when I don't get a refund anymore... but for now, I love it! HAHA!