Mixer & Mingle Friday: Looks Matter

I don't often buy wine (or liquor) from the store. I am able to bulk up my surplus from my work, thankfully. However I LOVE wandering the aisles at the grocery just checking everything out. Weird habit, I know.

One of my favorite wine bottles I always see are the Oh La La wines.

(No, this is not a sponsored post... it's simply an 'I Graduated from Art School and Love Pretty Things' post) 

Do you not want to have this at every party you host from here on out!? Maybe it's just me. I'm always a sucker for a good polka dot. And the taste isn't bad either, if you aren't as vain as I am.
Or how about Blanc de Blanc in personal sized cans? Also adorable. Anything mini is a one-way ticket to my heart. Coppola has got that arena locked down.

I remember learning about SOS in elementary school, and finding out an entire language exists around dots and beeps. It's no surprise Morse Code is one of my favorite wines I've ever been gifted.

Or maybe if you're looking for something slightly less girly, you can channel your inner rockstar with WinesThatRock

I always have been and always will be a sucker for that handwritten touch, just like The People's Wine

Maybe you've got a geek in your life, Educated Guess will hit the nail on the head if that's the case!

Thorny Rose just looks dang good. All of their wine bottles match my bedroom decor. I want every one of their varietals to sit on a shelf and admire.

Hailing from the middle coast, I know little to none about sailing, and couldn't tell you exactly what a knot measures, except I'm fairly certain it's speed. But if they look this pretty, I'm all for it. Bring on the Knots!

Are you sold by a pretty bottle, or do you actually judge a wine by the way it tastes?

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K said...

I have never missed wine as much as I do right now. I can not wait until I can drink to my heart's content!

Mateya said...

Those ooh la la ones look so cute, I'd totally buy them just because of the packaging!

Pamela said...

I love buying bottles just because of the cute label!!

Monica L said...

I pick wines out by how much I like the bottle all the time..sometimes I am pleasantly surprised! I once got a box of those Sofia cans for some cupcakes and I ended having to go buy another box to use for the actual cupcakes!

Classy Fab Sarah said...

I absolutely LOVE buying those Ohh La La wines when I go to Kroger. They always call out to me from the shelf!

Heather said...

I pretty much stick to the wines I know I like. I love the cute bottles, but hate when I don't end up liking the wine inside them!