Going to Target for tennis balls: AKA the makings of a gallery wall

It started with an innocent trip to Target to pick up some new tennis balls so I could wash my pillows (I saw something on Pinterest and had been disgusted with myself that in my 26 years of living I've never once washed my pillows)

Naturally, in an effort to get the most cardio out of said trip, I HAD to push my cart around the entire perimeter of the store, and up and down every aisle.

Which is why I ended up in the picture frame aisle. The picture frame aisle full of little red signs from heaven. Known to most as clearance stickers.

And suddenly I HAD to touch them. And lay them out. And everyone walking past me that evening at Target was all 'what the hail is this weirdo doing sitting on the floor in aisle C7??'

Things got a LITTLE weird when people started asking me to point them in the direction of Draino and dog biscuits, but I realized I had a red shirt on and smiled and spouted off random aisles. I left Target with six or seven new frames, and headed around the corner to TJ Maxx to scope out their selection. Suddenly I was on a mission.  A mission that no longer involved tennis balls and clean bedding, since I completely forgot that at Target.

I used a few Christmas gift cards and walked out of the Maxx with two very full bags and headed home to play. Instead of going with all black frames, I picked up a mix of woods, metals, white ceramic and black frames to add a little more interest and make it look less catalog-y

I understand that some people are very organized and excellent planners and cut out templates and measure and use stud finders, yada yada yada. Meanwhile I grabbed a box of nails and a hammer and just started making holes.

Somehow it seemed to work out decently.

Now I have spent the past two weeks trying to decide what exactly I want to put INTO my frames.
(Does anyone else miss the days when they would put fake families in picture frames, at least that way my wall would LOOK like someone cared about me) 

It looks a little lot better than the ohsoboring bare wall that used to adorn my living room!



Katie said...

I have two walls entirely covered by photos granted we take a LOT of pictures in my family. We are working on a 3rd wall. I went with a balance of people + things + places but we have over 150+. I also dug out old old old pictures and had them enlarged to add so we could mix it up. This is the number 1 things people comment on at my house they constantly think I change the photos out because the find a new one (which I never do). Anyhow enjoy!

Amanda aka Manda said...

LOVE the wall you created. I find it so hard to walk out of Target without at least one thing that was not on my list.

Heather said...

1. I need to just buy new pillows. Thanks for the reminder.

2. I love the variety of frames you picked out! It turned out great!

3. Directing people to random aisles- hilarious!

Nikki said...

This came out awesome! I love it! Can you come do mine?!

Monica L said...

That is awesome...I was just telling The Boy I wanted to make a gallery wall but didn't want to use all the same frames...now I know it won't look awful! yay!!

Mandy said...

looks great! I need about 6 more frames to complete my wall!

DC Minute said...

Lady, I totally take after your method picture hanging - a hammer and a prayer. Wherever the frame ends up, it ends up. However, never have I had success like THAT! Looks awesome!

Jen said...

The wall looks amazing! :) Great job.

Shannon Dew said...

I just love your style! Want to come decorate my house?

Mary said...

Looks awesome! Nice job!

Holly said...

Love it! When we move into our new house, you should come help me decorate. I'll have your room ready on March 22, k?

undomestic mama said...

Clearly I'm catching up on a little blog reading since this is the 3rd or so comment I've left on old posts, but, where did you find your couch? I want a grey sectional so bad but I'm having a helluva time finding one.