Is that a serious question?

This morning my coworker was asking about my doctors appointment last week, and we started joking about my string of weird ailments this year. He then looked at me and goes "do you just wanna like curl up in bed and cry?" and I just laughed, but the look on his face signaled that he wasn't joking.

And I couldn't muster up any response other than "is that a serious question?"

My three year old niece just spent the past nine months undergoing chemotherapy and radiation for her second battle with cancer.

Do I want to curl up in bed and cry because my lung popped and I have a few stomach pains? No way. No freaking way.

Not once have I seen Olivia cry during any of her treatments. My brother and sister-in-law have been watching helplessly as their baby gets pumped full of drugs that are killing healthy cells inside of her, all in hopes of them "working" and fighting these cancer cells. They have held it together like I could only ever dream of.

The whole time I was dealing with my lung stuff numerous people commented on "how well I was handling this" and how they couldn't believe that I was cracking jokes and making light of the situation.

It was a lung people. It was fixable. Heck, I've got two. Sure I spent a couple weeks in the hospital and racked up a few hefty bills. Big deal. Never was I given a prognosis that "things don't look good" like Olivia was. Still to this day it baffles me.

All things in perspective people. Yea, I've got my own problems to deal with, but no they don't seem that bad at all in my eyes.



Carolyn said...

Love this! :) She's so adorable and positive and strong and amazing!

Jessica said...

All too true. <3

KRISTIN said...

SUCH a great outlook! Ever since my girlfriend went through chemo I am very aware of how easy a head cold (which I would normally gripe about) is and really try to keep it all in perspective!

Heather said...

I'm so glad you have such a positive attitude- and such a tough niece!

Rachel said...

Amen sister. Love this and needed to hear this today!!! Preach on.

Sweet Tea In Sicily said...

Wow... Perspective! So very true but it brought tears to my eyes. As a new-ish mom, I can't help but wonder what I would do and how I would handle being in your brother and SIL's place. They, and your niece, are such strong people. Praying a special prayer for them today.


Nikki said...



Tori said...

People have asked me that when I've been on a slew of health hiccups. Perhaps he meant it thought because of your hiccups coupled with Olivia? Either way, weird to ask at work.