Someone from my graduating class died last night. Overdosed.

He is the second one in the past few months. One of a handful from that class of 2005. Every single time I learn of one, it takes me back to that spring.


We had just gotten back from Puerto Plata, a spring break trip full of laughs and sun and fun. Like Spring Breaks are supposed to be. My mom answered the ringing phone that morning in no way expecting what she was about to be told. My cousin, Jay, was in the hospital on life support. My cousin who was just eight months older than me.

He had overdosed. I don't know what he mixed and it really doesn't matter now. The point is he overdosed and ultimately his parents, my aunt and uncle, had to make the decision a few days later to remove him from life support.

We were a family of seven cousins, now there are just six of us. We don't have the jokester anymore. Every holiday is missing that spunk he had. Every get together is full of a lot less laughs. Every picture is missing my 1987 counterpart.

It makes me so sad. It's not the tragic unexpected accident, like a car crash or a murder. The kind of accident you can be angry at someone else, have someone to blame. It's a tragic unexpected accident in a category all it's own.

I just think of the life I have ahead of me and it makes me so sad that they cut theirs short. That their family and friends and kids don't have all those years ahead to spend with them.

We miss you Jay. And to everyone else who has dealt with the same thing, my heart is with you today, and every other day.


Rebecca Jo said...

So sad...

You hear so much of people committing suicide or accidental overdosing... so much heart ache in the world that people try to run from :(

A reminder to find joy in every day... it makes a difference

Jen said...

That's just awful!

Carolyn said...

Ugh. So sad. :( Thinking of you friend!

Andrea said...

Bless your heart. That's so tragic!!

Anonymous said...

I hate reading stories like these. Thinking of you.

Cate said...

My heart hurts for you...someone from my graduating class just died as well. He's the second one since we graduated. At graduation we were all relieved because we had lifted "the curse of CG" first class graduating in 10 years with no one passing away before graduation.

I know it's hard. Stay strong!

Holly said...

It makes me so sad to hear this. I always wonder what they were thinking, what drove them to that point. I know you'll never have those answers, but I hope that you're family and you are able to find peace. These things won't get easier. I just hope that people aren't afraid to call someone out, to lend a hand and take notice of the pain someone is in to maybe prevent people from harming themselves or getting in these situations. I feel for you, doll and I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin. xoxo