Mixer & Mingle Fridays: Effen Caramel Apple

It's only been like a million years since I herded you little alkies into tongue-tantalizing oblivion.

Fear not, I'm back. And just in time for this freak cold-wave that's sweeping the midwest.

I present to you for the back & better than ever 
Mixer & Mingle Fridays: Effen Caramel Apples.

It should come as no surprise to anyone I'm still mixing liquor with my beer. Everyone is already on the Fireball + Redd's bandwagon, so let's mix it up a little, eh?

I suppose you could get all fancy and use a glass, but the redneckery that goes into this is half the magic. Let's go through it step-by-step.
1) crack open a Redd's Apple Ale.
2) drink it down to the bottom of the neck.
3) pour in Effen Caramel Apple vodka.
4) cork it with your thumb and SLOWLY tip to mix. (SLOWLY. Or you will end up with a whole'lotta head)

Party on Garth.


Michelle W said...

sounds like a purdy good drink to indulge in while listening/drooling over tim mcgraw tonight. yummmm

Mateya said...

Yum! I wasn't a huge fan of the Reds but maybe this will be good. I love me some Angry Orchard though :)

Ashley said...

This sounds realllly good! Must try asap!

Rebecca Jo said...

Party on Wayne...

(I couldn't resist)

Andrea said...

^^^Rebecca Jo stole my comment^^^
What Should I Wear?

Monica said...

I must try this!

Andrea said...

According to their website, no one sells the Salted Caramel Effen within 25 miles of me! Boo!

What Should I Wear?

Jess said...

i havent jumped on the beer/liquor bandwagon but that one may need to happen. Screw a cold wave, i'm sweating my ass off right now, beer me!