Dirt Road Diaries

Do you ever just have a name pop in your head. Like when you're using the restroom at some run of the mill pizza joint, in small town USA before a Luke Bryan concert, and you suddenly convince yourself that CLEARLY that name (Lorenzo, if you were wondering)is the name of your server, why ELSE would you be thinking of Lorenzo. No? Just me?

Sorry, just had to share that side story. His name was actually Carlos, by the way. And when I asked him to surprise me with a drink, I'm fairly certain what he brought back was grape koolaid and vodka.

Anyways, back in the sweet heart of summer, LT got me hooked on this new band he had heard (you know how those country boys are, they love their twangy music)

And when we heard that new band was coming to this little bar in Indianapolis I immediately bought us tickets and then he got sent out to someotherstate with his job and well, me and my friends had a blast without him.

But he was still bummed he missed them.

So when I heard Florida Georgia Line was opening for Luke Bryan on his Dirt Road Diaries tour, and their first tour date was a few hours outside of Indy, I quickly swooped up floor seats as soon as they went on presale.


We had such a good time, it was such a high energy show... and when Luke Bryan busted out Bruno Mars it was bliss!

I knew we would have decent seats, being floor level, but they had set up the stage with a walkway and then it went out like an I... so we actually ended up being 2 rows back from that, which meant SUPER close to those handsome fellas.
Handsome fella I mean. Referring to LT, the boyfriend, of course, not Luke Bryan. Handsome. I was close to him all concert. Ahhem.

Don't judge, but I may be going to see the same show when they come to Indy this summer too. HA! Obbbsessseddddd.


Melissa Jo said...

That sounds like a a really good show and I "may" enjoy watching Luke Bryan shake it around on stage. haha

Sandra said...

Looks like a good time! I'm not sure if I know this band. Gonna have to look them up and listen to some songs.

Jen said...

Luke Bryan is amazing live, we saw him last year with Jason Aldean.

Holly said...

I loved seeing Luke Bryan in concert last summer! I'd totally see him twice! In the same year. Looks like your seats were amazing!

Lacey in the City said...

I love Luke Bryan! Super cute shot of you and LT!!

Emily said...

Looks like so much fun. I love Luke!!

whitney said...

you really get around...to concerts. obvi.

Kenj said...

dang girl!! You are one lucky woman!