Ringing in 2013

I figured if 2013 wanted to know who was boss, there was only one way to show it... by rocking the leather pants. (They're a heck of a lot less intimidating when you wear tall , albeit dirty, boots and a long sweater!)

And thus I spent the last few hours of 2012 donning my leather leggings for their first time out of the house.

Apparently, 2013 found this hilarious and slammed with a sinus infection on top of the myriad of other literal and metaphorical headaches I'm already dealing with, leaving me wondering if I'm even going to stand a chance against 2013 considering how it made it's entrance.

ANYWAYS - it's become a sort of tradition to ring in the new year at my cousins house, as he and his wife throw a party every year. It's usually the same mix of family and friends and I've come to love the laidback celebratory experience as opposed to huge crowds of crazy drunks at any given bar or hotel.

My cousin recently took the trophy in his fantasy football league, which apparnetly is in the 10th year running, and is some kind of big'freakin'deal. So, naturally, I highjacked it.

Somewhere south of 2am, after a night of dance battles, flippy'cupping, eating, drinking and having a great time it was time to retire 2012 for good.

Despite the rocky start, I'm determined to make 2013 an amazing year though! Bring it on!



Aly said...

Happy New Year! Loving the leggings :) Hope you feel better!

KRISTIN said...

LOVE the leather leggings! Happy New Year!

Jen said...

Love the leggings, so cute! Happy New Year! :)

Diana said...

Happy New Year!!! Good call on the leggings!

Melissa Jo said...

Happy New Year! And the leggings are too cute! Feel better!

Rorie said...

Ahhh, I love the leather!!!

Mateya said...

Looks like fun! You should be so proud of me...I stayed up up until 4 am! :)

Love those leather pants hah!

Sara Louise said...

Looks like a fun NYE! And leather leggings are always a good idea. I love mine! :)