So What Wednesday

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So what if I just threatened my supervisor. He has been hacking up a lung for three days and I told him if I become sick I am kicking him in the shins. Dude, take a sick day.

So what if Saturday I got out the trim paint to touch up this spot on my bathroom door casing that has been driving me nuts... which turned into re-painting all my stair risers, touching up a bunch of trim, and painting my bathroom vanity. Got a tad carried away.

So what if I have THE dumbest line from a rap song stuck in my head. "was that Chanel 5... Very sexy fragrance"... it's from AceHood's Body-to-Body. Go listen. 

So what if this picture right here has led me to bust out in random giggles atleast 23 times since I first saw it yesterday.

So what if this conversation, with a friend from college, is probably pretty true. 

So what if I insisted that I get my picture taken with this jumbo PBR when we were tailgating on Sunday. Hey, whats up, I'm Chelsea the hipster.

So what if we didn't just have hot dogs at tailgating.... we had snoop doggie dogs! Also involved were brightly colored solo cups, and sharpies

 So what if our bud, an ex colts player, told some little kid he was Joseph Addai when the kid asked him if he used to play for Indy. The kid totally believed him too HA

So what if we tebow'd in the stands after the Colts finally won a game. Hey, it was necessary!

So what if I snapped a picture of this chicks outfit at the mall. Really? REALLY? Someone send her to Pinterest, homegirl needs to learn how to dress. Paisley skirt + cowboy boots + polo shirt. In December. In Indiana.

So what if we have another Colts game tomorrow night, which means I will be dragging ass at work on Friday. But it's the last game of the season... I can't NOT make jello shots for the last game!


Carolyn said...

I hate when people don't take sick days! I don't want your germs people!!!!!

Wanna come paint my trim? LOL I want it all pretty and white, but there's a LOT of it!

That cow pic is FUNNY.

That outfit is NOT cute.

Have fun at the game tomorrow night! :)

whitney said...

i love that i have seen or heard about all of these prior to reading this.

that means we are real friends.

except for tebowing. but now i am EVEN more proud to be friends with you.

KRISTIN said...

I am pretty obsessed with the fact that you took a pic of that girl. WHAT is she thinking?

Mateya said...

Love that giant PBR. Isn't it cold tailgaiting this time of year?!

Do you go to every game?

the girl in the red shoes said...

Oh my word...I don't know which is funnier, the outfit the girl wore to the mall or the fact that you snapped a picture! LOVE it!

Monica said...

That picture is pretty funny, the outfit is really bad and i love that you two were Tebowing in the stands lol

Shannon Dew said...

That girl looks like a contestant for What NOT to Wear, send her in!

Jennifer said...

WOW...that girls outfit is pretty interesting. Definitely a What Not To Wear contestant.

Leah said...

You always make me laugh! Have fun at the game tomorrow!

Amanda said...

I feel like I need to come out to visit for one of these tailgates of yours. They sound EPIC!

Kristen said...

OMG that cow pick is hysterical!

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

LOL@ girls outfit.

"Hey. I'm Chelsea from Hello Miss Chelsea. Check out my MiMO" Bahahah!

Michelle (michabella) said...

I am such a bad friend.

HAVE FUN at the game tonight!!!

And that girl needs Pinterest in THE worst way.

I feel like we need to hang out IRL to get that cow joke....lol. HOPEFULLY next year!! :)

ps- your hair is getting so long. Gimme.

Lacey in the City said...

You can come over to my new house and help me paint soon!!!