So What Wednesday

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So What Wednesday
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So what if I was like out of breath after belting out Carrie's Undo It on my morning drive today. I don't know how she does it. Phew, wears me out.

 So what if my cousin (a fellow Libra) just posted this on Facebook and I saved it because it's so so true. 

So what if I still wear my "bridesmaid" bedazzled shirt from my sis-in-laws bachelorette party in 07. Only as a layering item of course.

So what if a girlfriend and I literally spent 2 hours ranting over dinner last night. It was glorious. I feel sorry for the other patrons of the sushi joint though. 

So what if I find it ridiculous, and almost a bit sad, that a certain someone (cough cough cheater) from my past is still sending me emails telling me he deserves another chance. SERIOUSLY. Keep dreamin.

So what if I bought new boots last night that I thought were cute on the shelf... not so much on. 
 As everyone on Twitter agreed, straight up Cousin Eddy! Real nice Clark, real nice.  

So what if I have been 'babysitting' my parents dog more and more often lately. I think they are tryign to pawn him off onto me. Him and Russell do NOT get along at all, Spencer is old and crotchety and gets mad everytime Russell tries to play with him... yet everytime I go to leave my parents house Spencedog wants to come along.  

So what if my Christmas wrapping needs to catch up with my Christmas shopping.


Jennifer said...

You go girl on staying strong and not giving in to the cheater. Most girls wouldn't be able to stay so strong.

Heather said...

I love that you're standing your ground with him!

EZsx5 said...

Please please please take a picture of you standing on the curb pretending to empty your poop holder before you return those boots!!! :)

the girl in the red shoes said...

Bummer about the boots...but at least your hat is adorable!

Mateya said...

Straight up cousin Eddy, but if anyone could pull them off, it would be you.

I love that little Spencer dog, so cute.

I have a ton of wrapping to do too, usually I love it, but for some reason I can't get motivated to do it this year. Last night I wrapped 2 presents and then I was over it.

KRISTIN said...

You crack me up!

Kelly said...

Awww, I actually thought your new boots were kinda cute!! But buyers remorse is NO fun... Glad cheater feels sad, but TOO BAD for him!

Carolyn said...

I totally wear random shirts as layering items. :) If it's a good length and color to peek out... why not?!?!?!

I love girlfriend rant dinners! They're the best!

Let that *cheater* keep emailing. It is ridiculous (and sad) but he knows he lost someone amazing! :)

The boots are Cousin Eddy. Sorry. :)

I need to wrap presents too. UGH.

Amanda said...

Such great so whats! And what a good horoscope. And what are those boots? Why are you layering so much? Is your house cold?

Michelle (michabella) said...

I'll come help you wrap presents as long as you feed me cookies and booze.

Ugh. Stupid cheater.

I love good dinners with girlfriends...some of the best therapy :)

Now please go return those shoes.

Daniela said...

wow! you got a lot more shopping done than me, that's for sure.. (I love wrapping :) )

Hannah said...

So jealous you're done with shopping! And I LOVE the chair it's all on! xo

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Anonymous said...

So what if you look like Cousin Eddy. Everyone remembers him the most from the movie.

So what if I love your green print chair in the picture. And so what if I steal it.

Leah said...

I'm obsessed with your chair!

Ashleigh Nichole said...

ha love that song & i think if we all sang every single song of hers we would always be out of breath lol...& ps I think I need a house care cause this girl wants that chair I would even be nice & leave you all your gifts on the floor hehe

Marian said...

My christmas shopping needs to catch up with your Christmas shopping