So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday
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So what if I say to myself, in the most game-show-announcer-voice I can muster up "ITS SOOOO WHAT WEDNESDAY" every week as I start typing this post up.

So what if I also have to sound it out as wed-nes-day or else it for sure getting spelled wrong. 

So what if I am making myself sound super cool thus far. SUPER cool.

So what if I bought not one, but TWO sparkly dresses last night. Wanna sneak peak? 
(Unfortunately the tights + boots won't get to be a part of the outfit. Le sigh. I'm gonna freeze)
I need to choose which one I'll be wearing tomorrow night and take the other back. Decisions decisions

So what if I'm noticing that I'm getting grumpy because I haven't had any ME time this week... and I won't get any until Saturday atleast. No bueno, friends. Too many things going on this week!

So what if I absolutely refuse to spell atleast properly (as two separate words)

So what if the work event I went to last night sort of rekindled my love for my job. I would seriously miss a lot of these people.

So what if sometimes, when I give someone my number, I wait a while before I respond to their text. I picture them freakin out thinking I gave them a fake number. It makes me giggle. 

So what if I have been working on a little project of sorts but I'm not quite ready to 'reveal' said project. Soon kiddos, soon. 

So what if I refuse to wear sweatpants in public. Life is all about who you know and I'm not running around lookin like a scrub, never know who you may meet!

So what if they poured a new sidewalk here at work and it's taking every once of willpower for me not to handprint it

So what if it's pretty annoying how Twitter has become a bitchfest lately. Don't get me wrong, I throw complaints out there but it's not the ONLY thing I tweet. Sheesh people, is your life that bad? Maybe you should get off the internet and do something to improve it then. Justsayin. don't throw rotten veggies at me.


Ashley @ The Sweet Life said...

Orrrr, you could pick which dress you like and then send me the other one ;)

Love the purple one!

K said...

Umm... I would totally handprint the sidewalk. I say you should do it. And yes, that is what I got out of all the So What's! haha

David and Elizabeth said...

have you ever seen the episode of the office where they pour a new side walk and michael scott makes a face print instead of a handprint? pretty hilarious! :)

Kelly said...

LOVE your new dress!! So festive and pretty :-D And I TOTALLY say to myself "wed-nes-day" too, hahah!

Mary said...

I have been looking for that dress! Where did you get it??

Amanda said...

I'm making a list in response to your post:

- LOVE the sparkly dress
-I ALWAYS sound out WedNESday
-I don't wear sweat pants in public either...except for a RARE occasion
-Did you buy the sparkly dress to wear to my NYE party? Are you coming to visit CT? Oh that would be amazingggg
-And I agree about Twitter's bitchfest, so I have been lacking in Tweets to avoid it.

Mateya said...

That dress/tights/boots is killer! Love it! Seriously you look amazing! Now, why can't you wear the tights/boots with the dress, too casual or what?

I definitely say WedNESday when I am typing it too. It's a must.

whitney said...

new numbers in le phone?

i'm intrigued...

Leslie said...

I sound out Wednesday too when I type it!! hahaha!
And I'm obsessed with your sparkly dress!!! where did you get it?

Jennifer said...

That dress is totally cute!

I also cannot stand the complaints or drama queens (on FB though). I want to type, ENOUGH ALREADY! on their comments for their status'.

Michelle (michabella) said...

You tell em girl!


They are beautiful on you!

Britt said...

Totally agree with you on the Twitter comment:)

KRISTIN said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the dress! So cute, I don't know what the other looks like but I say keep that one! Or both! :)

Happy Wednesday!

Chelsi Baird said...

I LOVE that dress!!! Very, very cute, especially with those boots!

I also linked up for some SO WHAT Wednesday (and I too have to say it the way it is spelled to get it right, haha)

Chelsi @ www.hellovodkaitsmechelsib.wordpress.com

Shannon Dew said...

Hey hotness!! You look AMAZE in that dress! Oh and I would love to hear this announcer voice!

Single Mama said...

I love the dress & you look great in it. I need to take more risk with fashion :)

tara said...

Love your sparkly dress!! Where'd you get it from?!

Casey said...

LOVE that sparkly dress! I second Tara - where's that beauty from??

Chelsea @ {twotwentyone} said...

I seriously want to unfollow some people on Twitter... Then they would bitch about losing followers. Oy.

Cute dress!

Carolyn said...

OMG. I totally have to say Wed-Nes-Day when I spell Wednesday or else I'll get it wrong. :)

That dress is SO CUTE! Love love love.

Hating the twitter bitching. #annoying (like how I incorporated twitter lingo into this comment? I know. I'm cool.)

Jen said...

Love love love the dress!!!! :)

Pop Champagne said...

lovely sparkly dresses you bought, it looks great on you and so festive!!

Aly said...

Love that dress! Where is it from?

Katie said...

Need to know where that dress is from girl! super cute.

Lacey in the City said...

I love that sparkly dress!

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

All I saw was the picture of your new dress and your comment that you bought them and IMMEDIATELY wanted to post how *jealous* I am! I couldn't pull it off.

Now I'm going to read the rest of your post.