Oh how things change.

It was our first semester as freshman in college, one of my best girlfriends and I logged a LOT of hours at the local Barnes & Noble. Counltess nights were spent sitting in the Starbucks with our triple grande white mocha, sub 2 pumps raz (see... I can throw down at 'bux if I HAVE to)- it was our chance to catch up on magazines, girl talk, and just hang out somewhere that wasn't our parents houses. (Woe is us, little 18 year old babies).

One night, sitting crosslegged and giggling over that months list in Glamour's "Hey, It's Ok..." section I spied someone approaching our table from the corner of my eye. I fidgeted, picking at my brown & pink vans as he introduced himself and apologized for interrupting. Rattled something off about how he studies there often, was attending the same college as us for pre-med, and then how we had caught his eye, and he proceeded to ask if he could give me his number, in hopes of taking me to dinner sometime.

Time out. 

I remember thinking to myself "IS THIS WHAT COLLEGE IS LIKE!?" 
You mean boys don't send their friends to ask your friends if you want to go out sometime (ahhem, I'm lookin at you high school)... they actually APPROACH you, shake your hand, carry on a conversation? WEIRD. SIGN ME UP.

(Because I know you will ask.... we went on a few dates and had a good time, but our schedules never quite meshed up, and newly collegiate Chelsea had minimal interest in committing to anyone in particular that early in the game.) 
The whole scenario came back to mind a few months ago, when I was approached, again, by a guy who's eye I had caught.

We were at a bar one evening, a whole mashup of random friends and strangers, he at one end of the table, me at the far other.

And my phone lit up.

Oh how things have changed.

It was a Twitter DM saying I was hot or something equally as charming. (sarcasm).

A twitter message. From the other. end. of. the. table.

Chivalry is dead. 



Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it have been fun to meet in the middle of the table and share a strand of spaghetti? So romantic. Or you can just do that in an emoji on twitter.

K said...

Haha oh man. Sometimes you have to give them credit for trying while admitting that guys just don't know how to treat a girl sometimes. Haha.

Holly said...

C'mon, that must have been reeeeeally hard for him to do. Look you up on Twitter and DM you - that takes a real time commitment on the ol' cell phone. Congratulations. *this comment may or may not be laden with sarcasm*

Jess said...

bahahahahaha thats the lamest thing ever.

Mateya said...

OMG haha. Nice one. How did you respond?

Jennifer said...

Your kidding me?! A twitter message from the end of the bar? STFU! That's horrible..

Jen said...

Haha wow! LAME!