carpe the hell out of this diem

One of my girlfriends, whom I've known since middle school, did something totally awesome yesterday. She booked an "out of the blue" cruise with one of her other friends.

Let me give you a little insight, she is a wife to a military man, mama to a toddler,with another on the way. The fact that she up and gave her self the reprieve of a few days kicking back in the sun is AWESOME.

What's even more awesome is that she told me I was finally starting to rub off on her, after all these years. Which just made laugh at first, but I realized if there's one thing I do fairly well in this life, it's seizing the day. If you know me at all, you know spontaneity is my middle name, judging by my own fair share of spur of the moment trips in my lifetime.

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Mateya said...

You're free spirit always amazes me too!

Holly said...

I love your spontaneity and being able to live vicariously through your trips. I hope to be able to hop on a jet plane just for the hell of it one of these days!

christine donee said...

Go Chelsea's friend! This is awesome.

Jess said...

Over the past year I've become really good at spontaneity. I love it, I thrive on it. I'm glad you're rubbing off on your friend, we all need someone like that.