Ezekiels return

I've talked about Ezekiel on my blog before. So if you're on of my original followers you probably remember him. If not I'll catch you up...

Way way WAY back when I first started recognizing my headaches as migraines, and my doctor referred me to a neurologist I got all panicky assuming I had a brain tumor and clearly that was the only explanation for migraines that made me blind.

Thus, he was fondly named Ezekiel (because all terrible tumors MUST be named). Well, it was never a tumor (in retrospect, I've actually never had an imaging on my brain, so I guess it COULD be, but my neuro tells me it's not so let's just go with that) but it became a running joke, and any time I had a pain anywhere in my body we would contribute it to Ezekiel, the traveling tumor.

Lo and behold, shortly after they operated on my lung, I started having this ridiculous pain under my left rib cage at the bottom, the complete OPPOSITE side as my right lung that had popped.

Zeke was back.

I ignored it, and contributed it to either a) my pain meds making me crazy (highly likely) or b) some weird nerve damage symptom.

Fast forward a few months and the gallbaby episode happened. And I asked my surgeon about the left-sided pain and he shrugged it of as some weird one-off pain that would go away once my gallbladder was removed (also on the right side of my body).

Have no fear, like a true friend, Zeke stuck around through the removal of the gallbaby and continues to keep me company on the regular.

I finally realized last week I had been dealing with this freak pain for somewhere near 6 months now, and it was probably not proper to crack jokes about it anymore but to perhaps actually have it looked into. Naturally, instead of consulting my doctor I whined about it to a friend of mine who is a doctor (he is also a friend I once dated, so I'd like to think he is more vested in my health because of that) and he didn't think the theory of Ezekiel was very funny, nor was the fact I had been ignoring the symptoms for six months, and gave me a LONG, detailed list of tests I should request be ran.


I'm off to the doctor today, to go over CT results from last Friday, and see what he thinks.  While I'd love to not have anything wrong, I would also find it incredibly hard to believe that nothing is causing this pain. Nothing other than a traveling tumor, of course.

Cheers to yet another doctors office chat. I'm beginning to think I spend more time bonding with my doctors than anyone I've dated in the past three years.


K said...

Yikes girl! I hope you figure out what is going on, but it isn't anything serious. I think you have had enough ailments for one year!

Aly said...

Damn girl! Hope it's nothing serious! Fingers crossed for you!

Cindy said...

I am curious to hear what they say...I've had a similar pain for about as long as you. Mine is on the left side, but its directly on the side and sometimes in the front, sometimes more toward the back. I went to the dr and he said it wasn't a pleurisy or an enlarged spleen (those were my guesses) but he wanted a CT. Unlike you, I haven't paid anything toward my deductible, so I am not having the CT unless the pain gets worse. Right now it's only a dull pain (every few days it hurts pretty badly, but I can deal for now). Hopefully it's nothing major and doesn't require any further treatment or tests or surgery!! Anxious to hear how it goes.

Jess said...

holy crap. another round of tests!? you are so much stronger than I would be. I was a mess after only a couple, once. You're on super woman status now.

Mandy said...

I agree with Jess...super woman status for sure! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Praying it is absolutely NOTHING and that you are fine! While I expect it will be nice to know something is causing this pain....you know what I mean!

Rebecca Jo said...

Fingers crossed - prayers lifted that you can just continue naming 'tumors' & making jokes about them... hope all is well.

Holly said...

You are a mess, my friend! You should probably just a date a doctor. It might be cheaper for you. I mean, think of all the money you could save for even more fabulous trips if you had a doctor boyfriend?!