Dirt Track Virgin Diaries

It's no secret I've been to more pavement races than a gal can count on ten pretty little painted fingers.

That being said, I've never graced a dirt track with my presence. When a couple of my guy friends caught wind of this they immediately loaded me into a truck on a sunny Wednesday afternoon and whisked me off to good ol Kokomo, Indiana - the land of a dirt track, a strip club, and a Chrysler plant.

Maybe it should be mentioned that when I climbed into the truck, there was a goody bag waiting for me. I knew it would be a fun night.

I really had no idea what I was getting myself into, but getting dirty really is my forté so I found little cause for concern.

That being said, I was slightly caught off guard when I'm following the guys through the lot full of trailers and get lead into one only to run face to face into Tony. Good ol' Smoke. Who even knew he stepped foot off the Nascar circuit? Not this lady.

So I did what any girl would do - posed with his helmet and blasted it on social media like some kind of racer chaser. And then went on about my night. I never really cared about him, until spending the whole night around him I realized what a smartass he was. Therefore, he's a-ok in my book. I might even cheer for him next time I see a Nascar race.

(I don't know what it's like to not watch a race from the top of a race toter. I've sat in grandstands maybe once in my life. It sucked.)

(Side note - could Kyle Larson be any tinier? I just wanted to put him in my pocket) 

I quickly learned why people wear hoodies and sunglasses all night long. Within the first qualifying lap I had more dirt in my eye than I've ever experienced in my life. At the end of the night, every article of clothing had a nice brownish-red tint, my hair felt like it had been blasted with dry shampoo, and my mouth had a lovely dirty taste.

My eyes and throat burned for the three days following. I don't even want to think about my poor lung.

In all honesty though, watching a dirt race was farrrr more exciting than watching pavement. So we may be in some trouble boys & girls.


Carolyn said...

I love how much you love this stuff. :)

Skinny Kimmie said...

I just found your blog by reading someone else's. I love going to the dirt track races. My boyfriend loves going and I love watching all the people that are there. We are going this weekend, and I can't wait! I'm doing a post tomorrow about "What type of people you see at the dirt races." We live in Mississippi and drive about 45 minutes to the track in Arkansas, so you can imagine! ha ha

Andrea said...

Smoke actually owns or part owns the dirt track where i live! He usually comes to race once or twice a year. Last year it was asphalt and this year went to dirt. I havent checked it out yet, but i might just have to do that ;)

Melanie said...

I don't even understand half of what you wrote up there. Vocab is over my head.

Tyler Morrison said...

Love, love, love the dirt track! We usually go every few weekends if not more. I'm the complete opposite of you I've never been to a pavement race!It's something I plan on going to this year.

Cate said...

Love this! I work in racing, and love hearing about people experiencing different parts of it for the first time! Also, totally agree about Kyle. He's my team's developmetal driver (but is contracted out this year) and he's so tiny! Amazingly friendly and down to earth though. Always great talking to him!


Michelle W said...

im just going to come live with you okay? im going to invite myself not only to crash at your casa, but im probably going to borrow your clothes too. cuz country concerts and parking lot parties and races and gettin' a little dirty? im down with it all girlfriend.

Holly said...

I've never been to a dirt race, or a pavement race. Ok so the only races I've been to were track meets in high school. Does that count? For the record, it looks like fun!

julia rose. said...

I went to my first dirt track race a few weeks ago and girl... I LOVED it!! Yes, I was dirtier than I have ever been, but that was quite possibly the best part!

Babygirl said...

Girl, I know how you feel. Still waiting to grace the dirt track, but i love a good nascar race, and this past weekend at KY was only the second time i've graced the stands, i'm usually on the top of tool box on pit road. Those were the days. unfortunately all my racecar peeps are no longer on teams. But whenever i visit NC, i'm always hoping to make some new contacts at any mooresville/concord bars we visit :)

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