So What Wednesday

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So what if it's this little ladies 2nd birthday today.
I may be biased, but I think my niece is the best. She is such a strong, amazing little ball of sass. With her chemo and weakened immune system we are just having a little get together for immediate family, but I hope she feels the love all the same!

So what if I am currently image-searching for a lei and a cowboy hat to put on a beaver. God, I love my job. Redneck luau here we come.

So what if this lady bailed on our 3way dinner date Saturday night. (Lame) Aly & I had fun withoutchooo.

So what if I celebrated Fat Tuesday with Margaritas. The Mexicans were on to something, I tell yah. I choose them over Catholics, and definitely over Irish. I promise you I will have tequila in my system on St Pattys Day, lovingly referred to as Worst Holiday Ever. 

So what if I painted my nails to match the spice jar. It caught my eye on my kitchen shelf.

So what if I think a burger topped in guacamole is the best idea EVER.

So what if I am absolutely loving having the office to myself. I need to do some rearranging though, no?

So what if I listen to Robin Thicke's Pretty Little Heart on repeat. For extended periods of time. Can he be mine? I wouldn't hate him serenading me all the time.

So what if this is what I look like every day when I get home from work. My dress pants come off immediately when I walk in the door. The sad part is, I almost forgot & left the house looking like this

So what if I've yet to put away any of the laundry I did over the weekend. My bedroom is a wreck.

So what if I think I am getting sick again, and (compliments of WebMD) I've narrowed it down to either Measles, HIV or diphtheria. Ok, I may have gotten that last one from Oregon Trail.



Marian said...

I'm telling you...I have measles at least once a month. Thank the lord for WebMD:)

Kendra said...

WebMD is a little over exaggerative...haha Hope youre doing ok, plus I do the same thing when I get home from work! Sweats come on immediately.

R said...

I love the nails. And that you used spices as your idea for them. Fantastic!

christin said...

um the office to yourself is AMAZING and so is guacamole on anything. and i never wear real clothes. its a fact.

Erica said...

I need one of those burgers STAT. And if life and death were determined according to Dr. Google (and his accomplice WebMD), I'd have been a gonner a long time ago.

Erica said...

Oh and I had THE best guacamole I've ever had in my life in Vegas. Go to New York New York and eat at the little Mexican place there next time you visit your BF!

Carolyn said...

I'm so horrible at putting laundry away. HAHA If it would magically go from the dryer to my closet or dresser... I would be the world's best laundry doer.

Happy birthday to your precious niece!!

Amanda said...

You never cease to make me laugh! I heart you!

whitney said...

i love guac.

that's all.

Mateya said...

Happy B-day Olivia! :)

That burger looks delicious!

P.S. It's National Margarita Day. I hope you have one for me!

Amanda Faith said...

Web MD, love it! I too need to clean my room, the floor.. yeah.. I don't even remember if I have carpet or not? That burger looks amaze!

spiffykerms said...

I would've TOTALLY replaced my pancakes with (lime) margarita's any day. The boyf loves breakfast foods (I hate them)..so I made them lol

Tiffany said...

I celebrate all holidays with Margaritas! It is the ONLY way to go!

Anonymous said...

Somehow I missed the big announcement on twitter! Congrats on the big office all to yourself and the promotion!! :)

Michelle (michabella) said...

Do you really have the measles?!?!

And you look a whole lot cuter than what I wear while at home. Oh and my dress pants come off immediately when i walk in the door. It's like some disease. I go crazy.

So what if I never put away my laundry?!?! lol.

Lacey in the City said...

Is it my imagination or have you been getting sick super frequently this season?! Get better girl!!