So What Wednesday

It's my favorite blog day of the week!

So What Wednesday

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So what if everytime someone calls me Miss Chelsea in real life I wonder if they have read my blog... there's just some people I'd feel odd if I knew they read (ie some coworkers)

So what if I always get confused as to whether it's "play it by year" or "play it by ear". Anybody??

So what if I had a dance party with Sean Paul in my shower this morning. Not literally... just compliments of iPhone on the bathroom sink

 So what if I bake cookies atleast once a week. For no reason. I just like to. Friends, family & coworkers don't seem to be complaining!

So what if I am loving May in Indy because I have a lot of friends in the race industry and I get to go out and play with them!
[heh, blacked out my house # so ya'll cant stalk!]

So what if I wanted potted plants on my front stoop... so I bought pots and I bought already planted hanging baskets... and then I put hanging baskets in them and then just cut the 'hanging' part off. I thought it was super clever! Lazy girls guide to gardening

 So what if I am lusting over another Michael Kors watch  ....I don't have a gold one!!

 So what if I really really need to get my hands on a bottle of Pinnacle Cake after tasting it the other day. It seriously smells JUST like yellow cake... and tastes like it too!

  So what if my niece rocks her shades in the house... she's just chillin, having a cold one! 

So what if I have bathtub crayons in my shower. Whaaat?! I know you are jealous! (and yes, they are separated by warm/cool colors... it's my artsyfartsy brain)

That's all I've got for today! Have a rockin' humpday!


Jennifer said...

LOVE Sean Paul and I really like that watch too. Is it rose gold? Love that color.

Mateya said...

Your idea with the hanging planters/pots...Genius! I just might do this, like today.

Need to try the cake vodka, not sure we can get it here in the boondocks though.

What do you do with those crayons in the shower, draw yourself pictures? I don't have time for playing in the shower haha!

Kerr said...

I love that you can see the pup looking at your through the front door!

Mrs. H said...

The crayons in the shower crack me up?! Do you really write on your walls?!?!

Marcy XOXO said...

You seriously kill me! I wanna see pictures of that shower art, I wanna try some of that cake liquor, and the plants thing is genious I am soooooooooooo doing that!!!!

Krystal said...

I love your Wednesday posts! :) I have mad love for Sean Paul! Just gimme the lightttttttttttttttt

Caroline said...

i need some of those crayons!

Neely said...

You never need a reason to bake cookies!

Marian said...

Um, I think its play it by ear...I never heard of the play it by year but maybe I've been saying it wrong this whole time.

One can never have too many MK watches!! They are all so cute!!

And if people ever do get tired of your cookies, please feel free to send them to Baltimore. FYI- I like chocolate and peanut butter:)

Michelle (michabella) said...

NO YOU DONT! Do you use those bath crayons??? OMG. I am dying. That is awesome. I REALLY want a Michael Kors watch!!! Hmph! Maybe one day. Those plants are so cute!!! Look at you! And look at puppy peeking out to see what his crazy mommy is doing. And I WANT COOKIES NOW!

So what if people don't know how to probably pronounce 'michabella', some even think that's my name....um weird.

Sarah said...

Ear, for sure.

Stopping by from SWW

whitney said...

i love this. and i am pretty sure i am extremely jealous of your shower crayons.

where can i find them?!

happy wednesday!!


Aubrey S. said...

You can send some of those cookies to my house. I won't mind, I promise!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

lovin the niece rockin her shades with a cold one haha

and hey...some of our best thinking happens in the shower huh!!!

Brooke Marie said...

you are too funny. I love the idea of so what Wednesday! so adding it to my blog :)