Conquests of the weekend

Things I'm OK with.....
- FINALLY got my first pedicure of the season. Hi little frenchie toes. Missed you all winter!
- Enjoyed cocktails (Cherry Squeeze that I posted about Friday actually) on my patio with one of my good friends Friday afternoon
- I'm becoming a pro at making guacamole. I may even eat it with a spoon while I'm making it. I call it taste testing!
- the Saturday night I spent having dinner & drinks with Classy Aly. Lord help those who had a table near us.
-Icebreakers Fruit Punch mints (side note: why are they called mints if they aren't minty?!) They taste like Hawaiian Punch in tablet form. I've almost ate an entire container!
- new jeans I got Sunday while shopping with mom. They're super cute!
- also got 3 pairs of work pants that actually fit - woot! no more saggy pants!
- 3 day weekend coming up!
- I have been craving fresh veggies nonstop lately. Everything is sooo good right now. Love summertime!

Things I'm not ok with....
-$9 martini's. Not cool. I need a buy one get one free vip pass or something.
-the complex I now have because someone said all Hoosiers say "dowhat??" instead of "huh?". I'm totally a 'dowhat'er.
-it will cost nearly $40 to FedEx a birthday package to my Jamaican hubs! (I know, I KNOW... story coming soon I promise)

-how clingy Russell has been lately. Getouttamyfacedog
-the 7" long slug that was kickin it on my back step last night... I didn't even know they existed in that scale. It was like a freakin landlocked eel in my yard!
-the forecast this week. rain, rain & more rain. It's Indy 500 week mother nature... knock it off! We want to go hang out at the track!
- the condition of atleast half the wedges in my closet... after a few good years, they are ready to be replaced/upgraded. Lookin a bit dingy!!



Marcy XOXO said...

OMGGGGGGGGGGG the speeders aka spiders in the new house are giving me DAILY heart attacks... a 7" slug would surely put me over the edge! Better you than me my friend...

Domesticated-Bliss said...

Love this! Hilarious :)

Marian said...

I gagged at the slug!! Eek.

And 3-day weekends...all about those!!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Hahaha! Was I really that inappropriate?! I was just keepin' it real my friend!

Annnnd race day looks nice! I can't remember if I asked you or not ... are you going?!

Caroline said...

Love it!!!

Kristen said...

Jamacian hubs...I need to hear more about this!

I hate when your shoes get worn out and you want to replace them with something similar and then can't find anything, so I hope that you have good luck wedge shopping!

Mrs. H said...

I love eating gaucamole by the spoonful! Love your list.

Perpetual Blind Date said...

Love love love guac! Its my downfall because I know it cant sit in the fridge for too long before it goes bad therefore I eat it all in one sitting... oops

Anonymous said...

ohmagosh...I say "dowhat" too but I'm from Maine. Go figure. I think I picked it up while living in NC. I kinda like it though :) And slugs. EW! We have a billion stink bugs in/around the house and they ga-ross me out big time!!

Thank goodness for pedis :) I need one stat!!

Have a great Monday, girl!


Kirsten said...

Slugs totally freak me out. More than anything else. ewww. my son loves watching them melt when you pour salt on them.

And I am also a dowhat-er. all the time i say it.

Jax said...

Drinks are so pricey!! I was telling my girl friend that I'm a wine drinker on a beer drinker's budget..haha.. :) YAY for having your nails done-a sure sign summer is around the corner.. at least for me! :)

Jamie Pickle said...

I need a pedi so bad. I have been trying to save money by doing my own, but nothing beats a salon pedicure!!

I have been craving fresh guac for the past few weeks. My hubby makes some good stuff, but he has been out of town a lot.

undomestic chica said...

Your slug comment made me laugh! They are like landlocked eels sometimes. The tiny ones are horrible though because sometimes you don't notice them and step on them!