Story of a boy.

Boy meets girl.

Boy gives girl his number, and invites her to hang out.

Girl already has plans.

LinkedIn tells girl that boy checked out her profile.

Girl texts boy, boy doesn't reply.

A week later, boy asks girl to lunch.

Lunch is fun! Boy and girl laugh a lot!

Boy invites girl to a gathering next week.

Girl texts boy, boy doesn't reply.

And people wonder why girl chooses not to date.


Jess said...

ha! i hate that crap. makes no sense.

Holly said...

Stupid boy. His HUGE loss.

K said...

Ugh, that's the worst. My husband did that all the time when we first started dating. I told him to forget my number. He eventually came around when he realized that I wasn't playing games, but he's the exception not the rule. You'll find a man who doesn't need to play those games.

Dawn said...


Carolyn said...

BAH! Stupid boy. HAHA :)