june: currently

Happy to hear that Indiana's gay marriage ban was just ruled unconstitutional. Frankly, let people love. Encourage them to love. Who cares who they love... it's a hell of a lot better than encouraging people to hate. 

to report Olivia had another round of scans at Riley yesterday, and they're still showing no change. Every day the cancer doesn't reappear is another day to celebrate in my opinion! I hope we are celebrating for a VERY long time. Every scan makes me incredibly anxious, I'm not sure it will ever get easier!

Obsessed with Sam Hunt. Speakers and Leave the Night On are my favorite. Go listen. GO! 

Giddy about heading down to Jamaica this weekend. It may be my second home, and I may go there WAY too much, but the excitement to be back never fades. I miss it all the time.

Confused about relationships, the male species, my trajectory, everything really involving that aspect of life ha. But what's new. I think I've just been over-thinking it lately, a little too much over-analyzing perhaps?! 

Snacking on cherry tomatoes from my tomato plant I've been growing on my porch. May be a tad geeky, but I love that feeling of 'hey, I grew this!' when I'm eating my tomatoes or my strawberries! 

Wondering if I'll ever grow out of the 'middle of the afternoon ice cream run' stage, at 26 it's still going strong though

Wearing hot pink pants and 6" wedges. Sometimes you just need a little extra vavoom to get you through your Wednesday 

Working on a post regarding the gazillions of questions you all ask me in terms of saving for vacations, cheap traveling, how I go so often, etc, etc. There's just so much to share, haven't figured out how to organize it yet. My post about flying on the cheap is still live though, so feel free to refer to that in the mean time!


Jen said...

I absolutely love your first sentence of this post!!! :) I 100% agree!

Krysten Quiles said...

I hope you celebrate cancer free forever, that is definitely something fantastic.

Jess said...

SO many happy things in this post!