Things I believe.

I believe in serendipity.

I believe that cuss-words are the statement necklaces of the English language

I believe that Snapchat Stories are going to be everyone's biggest regret on their deathbed.

I believe their is a third tier in hell for websites that have videos that automatically start. 

I believe you can always earn more money, but you can't earn more time.

I believe in faking it til you make it. 

I believe your shoes should never match your shirt. Coordinate, yes. Match, no. Unless we're talking all black err'thing.

I believe that only boring people get bored.

I believe that friends who offer to show up in a bear suit with vodka at the doctors office to keep you company are the best kind to have. 

I believe in telling someone when they have shit in their teeth. Or a booger hanging out. Or TP on their shoe. 

I believe that wearing nothing but flats is wasting your womanhood.

I believe that a mason jar full of change is the secret window to adventures.

I believe alcohol will never solve any problem at hand, but it's sure to make the process more fun.

I believe in forgiving but not forgetting. And never burning bridges.

I believe in getting hurt. I believe in hitting rock bottom. I believe in standing back up.

I believe in the power of putting good juju into the world.

What do you believe in? 


Nikki said...

I love this but the one thing I have to say I do not totally agree on is earning more time.

Amanda aka Manda said...

I love this! I believe...no I know that the snap chat one will definitely be true for most! Thankful I've never tried it.

Monica L said...

Love this!

Holly said...

I believe this post is awesome and I should copy this idea. And for that, I thank you.

Jen said...

This post is pretty much amazing

Jen said...
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Anonymous said...

This list makes my life because:

1. You said 'all black errr'thing' which is something I say at LEAST twice a day.
2. Videos that automatically start are the devil. End of story.

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