march: currently

Scheduling doctors appointments and MRI's. As much as I had hoped to leave my medically laden 2013 behind me, it's unfortunately followed me into 2014

Cussing at the weather. It was high 70s on Sunday, and snowing this morning. Snow. What in the literal hell?

Patting myself on the back after going over my yearly review with my boss on Friday, I've been busting my arse ever since I took over the design department here at the house of booze a few years ago, and it's so nice being praised for my hard work and effort!

Cleaning up the mess I just made peeling & devouring an orange at my desk. It looks as if a toddler spilled an entire cup of orange juice everywhere.

Rocking out to Lionel Richie. What? Sometimes when Dancing on the Ceiling pops up you just let it happen.

Reminiscing to this time last year, I was still out of work following my lung operation, and I distinctly remember being glued to the television as the Boston bombing events unfolded.

Looking forward to a weekend in town. The past few weeks have been spent in Lousiville, Chicago, Las Vegas and Louisville again... to say I miss logging consecutive days in my bed is an understatement.

Craving fried chicken.

And I think I'll just go ahead and bow out on that note.


Jen said...

Fried chicken does sound good....dang now I want some haha.

Mateya said...

What in the world are you having an MRI done for now?!

Also,your boss should praise you. You're a rockstar :)

Anonymous said...

I too am like a 5 year old when it comes to peeling an orange. I found a how-to on Pinterest (of course) that explains how to do it but honestly, I'm clearly too blonde to figure that out too! :)

The universe is certainly giving a swift kick in the — to find a Doctor fiancĂ©! I hope you're okay though!

Alyssa said...

I hope you're okay!! You need a break from all doctors!

Holly said...

You have been on the go lately! I've been trying to keep up with your jetsetting ways via Instagram! But you're right, sometimes it's nice to sleep in your own bed more than one night in a row! Congrats on your great yearly review!

Jess said...

I know how it feels to go go go and not sleep in your own bed. Sometimes you just need a few nights in your own sheets.

Jess said...
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Jess said...
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Kristin said...

mmmm fried chicken sounds delish