In avoidance of becoming the crazy cat woman.

I remember reading in a magazine once that you should always have at least one living thing in every room of your home.

13 cats seemed a little extravagant (closets not counted), and we all know I'm not ready to board the baby train to Duggar-ville, so plant life seemed like the most logical (and sane) alternative.

They also suggested fish, but I prefer my finned friends in the pescetarian sense.

All that aside, over the years I've slowly started flexing my green thumb. Most of the time, the green turns brown and eventually makes it way to a landfill, but I've managed to keep a whopping seven plants living thus far, and just acquired at least 5 more this weekend that I daintily moved into their new terra cotta homes. And by daintily I mean I dropped and shattered one pot, and repeatedly cussed out the cactus as I attempted to transplant it. I'm such a delicate ladylike specimen.

One day I'll have a blossoming home so glorious it'll join the ranks of these beauties. And maybe even a few still-living potted plants outside as well. Set your goals high, my friends.

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Jen said...

I love your shoes!!!