Monday Randoms

I think today's post is expected to be all things green, "lucky" and booze-fueled. But, as anyone who's lingered around these parts for the past 5 years knows, St Paddy's is far from my favorite holiday, and I'll be glad (and much less stressed at work) to see it go on it's merry way!

A quick rundown of things on my mind on this not-so-sunny Indianapolis Monday morning:

-That jet is still missing. STILL. I feel like I am watching a Dan Brown book unfold in real time. STILL fascinated in all things related to it, as well.

-Funny to think this exact time last year I had a hole in my lung that refused to heal. I do remember having an incredibly tasty green milkshake from the hospital cafeteria though, I wouldn't mind another of those.

-I mentioned something on Instagram a few weeks ago about my cousin finding out she had breast cancer but I, as terrible as it sounds, try my best to not dwell on it. I'm just over cancer attacking my family. I'm sure this comes across as calloused but I struggle to elaborate on it, except to say there's no doubt in my mind that she will kick cancer's ass.

-On that same note, Make A Wish foundation threw Olivia a party yesterday afternoon at Dave&Busters. She had an absolute blast playing all of the games and winning tickets. I am so thankful for everyone who showed up to celebrate with her. Her "wish" was to go to Disney, so they will be Florida-bound in a few weeks.

-This is getting sort of doom&gloom, no? I'm in one of those reflective moods this morning. Apologies are in order, I suppose.

-Since I spent last St Paddys with a chest tube, IV and a million monitors I thought I'd actually go out and celebrate this year. It was a good time, but I still am not sold on this holiday ha. I am glad to report I haven't been cursed by the Blarney Stone apparently though, there hasn't been a #popgoesmylung round2

-I met my high school best friend for dinner one night last week. We hadn't hung out in prob 4-5 years, at least. It was so nice realizing how little had changed though. Just minutes after sitting down we were chatting and laughing like a day hadn't gone by.

-I watched all of Season2 of Revenge on the flight to Australia, and recently started watching Season1 on Netflix. Funny how much more makes sense now that I'm starting at the beginning HA! Needless to say, I'm hooked.

-My first "work trip" is rapidly approaching (as in NEXT WEEK), and I'm not really sure what to expect. I haven't heard any word on accommodations or anything yet, so that isn't helping the situation either!



Nikki said...

WOAH it's been a year already since the whole hole in your lung thing?!?! That flew by!

Jen said...

Wow time has flown by!