Pop Goes My Lung.

I cracked ONE joke about needing a LifeAlert button and karma came and knocked me on my ass.

Friday, March 15th. 

I woke up at LT's house that morning, feeling far too nauseous for the few beers I had at dinner the night before. On top of the nausea I had this horrible stabbing-with-a-knife pain in my right shoulder blade.  I remember getting dressed, tossing back a few Advil and rolling my eyes at my weird ailments.

I drove the 45minutes from his house to mine, hopped in the shower hoping the hot water beating on my back would ease up the pain, took another Advil for good measure, and headed on into work.

I spent most of the day whining to Whit and LT about how bad my back was hurting. I realized I could only breath about half as deep as normal, but associated it with the back pain. Pulled muscle was my self-diagnosis.

When I started coughing around lunchtime, I decided to wave the white flag, and called up my doctors office hoping to get in to get some antibiotics for this weird cough/cold. I had a fun weekend ahead planned, LT's birthday, St Patrick's Day, I didn't want to be sick! The nurse told me there were no openings left that afternoon, she would pass my symptoms along to my doctor and see if he wanted to call in a prescription. A few minutes later they called back saying he wanted me to come in.

I left work and went to his office. He listened to my breathing, did the regular tests, listened to my symptoms, and said he was stumped. He predicted a pulled muscle, but ordered a chest x-ray just in case. He said to go ahead and head home and rest after the x-ray, that he would call me if they noticed anything.

I didn't even make it halfway home before Bob Marley started wailing on my phone (how ironic). "Well, I hope you don't have a hot date tonight... I just took a look at your x-ray... I need you to go to the ER. I already sent over your paperwork and informed them you would be on your way. Chelsea, your right lung is collapsed."

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Jen said...

Oh my goodness! :/

Babygirl said...

Been there, done that...not fun. Prayers for a speedy recovery!!

Kerr said...

Oh my god! I hope you are ok!

Lacey in the City said...

i hope you are 100% healed by now...cannot believe that happened!!! did they ever say how they think it happened??

docksidelove said...

Terrible!!!! Hope you are feeling better lady!

Nikki said...

Omg that's horrible! What do they even do for that?

Feel better!

Mary said...

Oh no!!! I hope you're OK!

Carolyn said...

UGH! So glad you're better now!

Jax said...

HO.LY.CRAP. I was all jokey mcjokerson when I went into the ER with my back pain and still remember them saying "Yeah, your back is broken in two places." I passed out right then and there and someone had to catch me. I imagine it being one of those moments for you. Wow. WOW. WOOOOW. I am so glad you were able to make it to your mom's to take you to the ER!

Tara iLLY said...

Oh my word lady! Prayers coming your way!! After all of this did they ever say what caused it??