Pop Goes my Lung: The Post-Op

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It was somewhere shy of 4AM when I came to. I blinked a few times to register my dimly lit surroundings. SICU5127 I read on the wall. Surgical Intensive Care. I was in a post-op room. The surgery was over. I wave of relief washed over me.

And like that, the relief disappeared, instantly replaced by misery. The pain was nothing I had ever experienced before. Breathing hurt, lying still hurt, simply being alive hurt, moving... ha... moving was out of the question. The incisions on my side were throbbing. The weight of the blanket on my chest was unbearable. The oxygen tube in my nose itched, my lips were so dry, I was so thirsty. Vaguely remembering the device tucked into in hand, I pushed the button to administer pain medicine as I shifted ever so slightly and let out a moan of agony.

Mom jumped out of her chair and immediately came to my side. "Pain," I told her, "I hurt... so... bad". Without missing a beat she pushed the call button on my bed and a nurse hurried in with two pills in hand. Mom tried to gently massage my neck and shoulders, any wince would cause my entire core to tense up, bringing me to the worse pain my body had ever felt.

"The surgery went well," she proceeded tell me, in that soft, comforting voice that only a mother can maintain. "They found the hole at the top of your lung." She paused to tuck a strand of hair behind my ear. "You have your own room! Luis made sure you got your own room, they brought you up here around 1:30 this morning" she smiled, and continued to rub my back. Thankfully, at some point within the story the pain pills started to take over my blood stream and I dozed back off to sleep.


Jen said...

I can only imagine the pain that came with this surgery. Hugs!

Carolyn said...

OMG! My body was aching just thinking about that. :(

Mary said...

oh wow I can't even imagine, you poor thing!!!