All. The. Animals. (and an EasyCanvasPrints review)

Not long ago, while looking through some travel photos, someone jokingly asked if I 'must touch all the animals?!'

To which I just laughed.

And then got a little defensive. Because... well, yes, actually. I MUST touch all. the. animals.

[Mazatlan, Mexico]

[Puerta Vallarta, Mexico]

[San Juan, Puerto Rico]

[Mazatlan, Mexico]

Donkeys and parrots seem to be everywhere I go.

[Cabo San Lucas, Mexico]

A lizard here and there.

[Riviera Maya, Mexico]

A dolphin to swim around with.

[Dinosaur World, Kentucky]
Even a dinosaur on occasion. (Ok, ok you caught me - this one isn't real)

[Cancun, Mexico]

[Negril, Jamaica]
But sometimes you get real lucky and stumble upon a monkey who steals your bubblegum, or a lobster you get to kiss, or a koala who grabs your boob. And those are really the kind of moments you just laugh hysterically at for the rest of your life.

[Gold Coast, Australia]

Obviously, when I was contacted by Stephanie at Easycanvasprints.com about reviewing one of their products I jumped at the chance.

It was quite a toss-up of which animal encounter I wanted gracing my wall, naturally the excitement of canoodling the koala hadn't worn off just yet and he won.  Their website is super easy to use, and the quality is great. I love way it looks mixed into the gallery wall I have of all my travel photos!

I had always been hesitant of having my photos turned into canvas prints, as I feel they are generally more for babies or weddings or other significant life events. But I really am quite pleased with this one, it doesn't look out of place in the gallery wall, and the variation of the canvas and the framed prints adds some much needed variation!

(The fine print: I was given this canvas to review, but all of the opinions are my own!) 


Carolyn said...

So cute! I'm really glad you chose that one! HAHA I want to snuggle a koala!

Amanda aka Manda said...

Love the canvas! And I'm the same way about animals! Gotta love on them!

Anonymous said...

Girl. GIRL! Dinosaur World is 10 minutes from my house! 10 minutes!!!!! What the hell!

Also, this is probably before I knew you, so you are half forgiven.

Ashley said...

The picture looks great on a canvas! Holding a koala is being added to my bucket list!

Jess said...

Look how tan you were with that lobster! holy crap.

I'm getting a canvas to review too!

Holly said...

You animal lover, you! I would kill to hold a koala! Even if it was a perverted koala ;)

I've debated on a canvas print and haven't tried it yet. But I do have a lot of walls in our new house that need art...might be a perfect opportunity to try this product! And an ampersand from your shop!