A nod to hippies, girlfriend cookies, and surfers.

The official face of Mondays.

You know what else happens on Mondays? Brain dump. 

[1] At least it's payday Monday. 6:24 alarm clocks are a little less painful when you notice the email saying you've got some fresh dollars in your bank account at least.

[2] We are officially 44 days away from being Australia-bound. That's scary. List of things that are planned: our flight. That's it.

[3] I'll admit to occasionally wishing my other lung would collapse, mostly because I got a little spoiled not having an alarm clock for 6 weeks, and also being able to watch Kelly & Michael every morning. The hospital made really good omelettes also.

[4] My dad let me use his power tools yesterday. He's not a Jesus kind of man, but I'm pretty sure I caught him doing the up, down, left right cross motion as he handed the air-nailer over to me.

[4a] I won't ruin the surprise of what I am making. Mostly because it probably will either go awry or I'll just get bored of the project, either way if it miraculously ever gets finished I'll share. Until then, use your imagination.

[5] I brought in freshly baked girlfriend cookies for a bunch of the guys I work with. I'm not stupid. I know how to get ahead in this world.

[6] That was clearly a joke. I brought them for the guys who carry down boxes for me every day when FedEx brings them. Believe me, they deserve cookies.

[7] I wish I was wearing a hippieband like in that picture above. Any day is better with a hippieband.

[8] I'm not really a fan of the term headband. Blair Waldorff wears headbands. Hippiebands go across your forehead; headbands go on top of your head.

[9] Did I mention that we leave for Australia in like a month and a half? If anyone has ever been to Sydney, Cairns or Brisbane, throw some recommendations my way. Our list of things to do literally consists of "shrimp on the barbie, shamelessly flirt with surfer dudes, pet koalas "

[10] On that note I think it's time to close out this post. I've made myself seem incredibly airheaded. Check back tomorrow, I may actually compose something of value. 


Deanna H said...

I went to Australia for 4 weeks when I was in college as part of an overseas study program. It was an amazing experience! We went to Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Cairns. We did all the typical touristy hot spots, but also met some locals that showed us around & took us to the best bars/restaurants. That was the best way to experience the country!

Rebecca Jo said...

Ohhh... a crafty project... exciting!!!

I look like someone put a rubber band stretched around my head in a hibbieband... not cute at all...what happens when you have a huge head. Thanks mom & dad.

Betsy said...

Ayers Rock is beautiful if you want to hike at all, take the Daintree River Cruise through the rain forest, it's a good time. Also, the Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb is an AMAZING experience. The Australia Zoo is good, if you like that sort of thing. I'm not a zoo person...but it's there! :)

There is so much great stuff to do there! You'll love it all I am sure. Find some hot "mates" and work on your tan!

Be prepared for how expensive the food and drink seem!

Ashley said...

SO jealous of your soon-to-be Australian adventure! I've heard such amazing things about Australia. Definitely on my bucket list!

Leah said...

Can't not wait to see what your project is! So jealous of your upcoming trip!