on domestication

One of my favorite things about cohabitation has been cooking.

Is that weird? I think maybe that's one of those faux pas things I'm not actually supposed to admit to. Everyone complains about having to cook dinner, right? Sorry all, maybe I am the freak of nature, I actually look forward to it.

Back when I lived alone I'd try out a recipe here and there, but mostly I made small simple meals that didn't include leftovers because, well, because I hated leftovers. It also wasn't very fun to spend an hour in the kitchen crafting some satiable bounty that only your dog and your instagram followers got to revel in the beauty of. 

I cook dinner for us 3 to 4 evenings a week most weeks, and have a growing repertoire of favorites. 
If you're ready for a real shocker, get this... I've even started using a crockpot.
Yep, you heard right, the self-proclaimed anti-crocker has converted. I'm still pretty selective, it's usually for pulled pork or any type of shredded meat dishes but hey it's a start right? 

Sigh, so this is 30. Domestication. Blogging about how I use a crock pot.

My how things have changed


Lauren said...

I love cooking too - and it's definitely easier for 2 people, vs. 1 person

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